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Whitepaper: Building the Business Case for Tablets in the Enterprise

by Dell / Intel®May 26, 2015

Despite an initially strong acceptance of tablet PC's in the consumer market, growth rates have recently tapered due to the emergence of large-screen smartphones and inexpensive notebooks. But enterprise adoption of tablets appears poised for a surge with research indicating that tablets can, and do, drive worker productivity in a variety of vertical industries. Take a look at how these lightweight but fully-featured devices powered by Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors can deliver

Whitepaper: Dell Tablets: A Winning Combination of PC Performance and Portability

by Dell / Intel®May 26, 2015

To deliver its potential, your business needs a thriving workforce -- one that is empowered to be creative, productive, and efficient. Employees expect a convenient, reliable, and frictionless user experience on their primary device, but IT must ensure that the technology meets considerations such as cost, reliability, security and much more. Take a look at how a new breed of enterprise-grade tablets with Intel Inside® can offer the best of all worlds, meeting the demands of business,

Whitepaper: Tablet Comparison Guide

by Dell / Intel®May 20, 2015

Finding the right tablet for full office productivity can be a challenge. Your tablet should be able to do whatever you need, with whatever software you want, while integrating with back-end systems. Finally, you have several ideal choices that bring flexibility, ease of management, professional capability, and near-universal compatibility in the latest Dell Venue Pro models with Intel® Core™ or Intel® Atom™ processors .

Be sure to read "Tablet Comparison e-Guide," a

Whitepaper: Mobility Myth Busting: BYOD, Tablets and Mobile Apps

by Dell / Intel®May 20, 2015

Mobile technology may be reshaping our business strategy, but many organizations are mired in antiquated thinking about mobility that keeps them from realizing its full potential. We expose three mobility myths and lay bare the truth about implementing an effective mobile strategy.

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Whitepaper: Business Tablets: Productivity Gain Without Management Pain

by Dell / Intel®May 20, 2015

Tablets in the workplace present many challenges for IT managers. Choosing enterprise-class devices with Intel Inside® can minimize the IT hassles, while maximizing user productivity. This in-depth solution guide details the features to look for to overcome common pain points.

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Whitepaper: Simplifying IT Operations with SDS

by Dell / Intel®Mar 03, 2015

No matter how advanced data centers become, they remain in a perpetual state of change in order to meet the demands of virtualized environments. But with the advent of software-defined storage (SDS) architecture, today's data centers have evolved into a converged IT infrastructure, supporting sophisticated systems built on open standards to quickly adapt to the changing needs of the business.

Powered by Nutanix software, the Dell XC 720XD Web-scale Converged appliance, which is

Whitepaper: Web-Scale Infrastructure at any Scale

by Dell / Intel®Mar 03, 2015

Do you ever wonder how the largest web-scale companies like Google and Amazon manage and scale their infrastructure? Web-scale infrastructure technologies deployed by these companies are now available worldwide to companies of all sizes for all enterprise applications running on market-leading hypervisors. The Dell XC Series, which is supported by Dell PowerEdge R630 and PowerEdge R730xd with Intel Xeon processors, integrates Dell's proven x86 server platforms and Nutanix web-scale software to

Whitepaper: Accelerate Your Journey to the Cloud

by Dell / Intel®Mar 03, 2015

The explosion of virtualized workloads in today's data centers has given rise to the need for a more intelligent approach to virtualization and infrastructure management and for an IT infrastructure that is better aligned with the cloud. Microsoft, supported by Dell PowerEdge R630 and PowerEdge R730xd with Intel Xeon processors, is delivering on its Cloud OS vision to drive tremendous IT efficiencies and turn your data center into a flexible and scalable corporate asset. Take a look at this

Whitepaper: Software-Defined Storage: Enabling the Next-Generation Enterprise IT Infrastructure

by Dell / Intel®Mar 03, 2015

We live in a world that is changing at a rapid pace - the forces of cloud, social, big data, and mobile have compelled businesses to undergo a deep-rooted transformation and organizations must become service oriented to meet the demands. Software-defined storage (SDS) is an emerging paradign that is flexible, scalable, and highly automated that works across traditional silos. In this IDC whitepaper, learn how SDS platforms offer a compelling value proposition and how Dell Compellent Storage

Whitepaper: Dell XC Series: A Solution for Dynamic Virtualized Environments

by Dell / Intel®Mar 01, 2015

Over the past few years, converged infrastructure systems have been readily adopted by businesses, traditionally built using a three-tier architecture. While these systems work well in stable environments, when a virtualization environment is dynamic with unpredictable growth, these traditional three-tier architectures lack the features needed to operate efficiently.

In this solution brief, we will examine what constitutes a dynamic virtualized environment and learn how the Dell XC