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Latest Content From Genesys

Webcast: Accelerating Actionable AI in the Contact Center

by GenesysAug 26, 2020

Many enterprises were moving slowly to adopt AI for their contact centers, but the current environment is driving accelerated rollouts, to deal with urgent new demands. And organizations are finding they can implement AI and see measurable benefits much more quickly than they thought, with some implementations going live in as little as 15 days.

In this webinar, the industry’s leading contact center analyst will discuss AI in the contact center with leaders from Genesys and Google Cloud. The speakers will share case studies and describe how enterprises are realizing the benefits of AI, with specific reference to improvements in customer satisfaction, call deflection rates, and other key metrics. They’ll also describe how AI-driven analytics can help contact centers better understand their customers’ journeys and plan accordingly. Finally, they’ll discuss ways in which the current disruptions may drive longer-term trends.

Webcast: Why Your Contact Center Should Be Migrating to the Cloud

by GenesysFeb 26, 2020

Migrating to a cloud contact center solution enables your company to continuously provide meaningful experiences while delivering competitive results. Cloud solutions allow you to get automated, get predictive with your customers’ needs and, more importantly, allow you to have a dynamic contact center that can help your company stay competitive.

Join Robin Gareiss, Founder and President of Nemertes Research, and Derek Adams, Senior Product Marketing Director at Genesys, to learn more about why you should be migrating to the cloud and what migration looks like for your on-premises contact center.

Webcast: 3 Pillars of Cloud: Applications, Data, Infrastructure

by GenesysDec 12, 2019

Cloud is too big, too complicated and evolving too fast for most of us with real lives to keep up. When it’s time to start the selection process to replace core systems it can be daunting to find a place to start the discussion, much less to find the key pros and cons.

Join Sheila McGee-Smith and Randolph Carter for an animated conversation that breaks down cloud into the three concepts that matter most as we move forward in this accelerating world.