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Latest Content From Voxbone

Webcast: Evolving SIP Trunking in the Cloud Age: Best Practices for Success

by VoxboneJun 04, 2019

SIP trunking is now the de-facto standard for connecting on-premises phone systems to the PSTN, but as organizations transition to cloud, how should they migrate their SIP trunking services to ensure maximum flexibility, security, and performance while minimizing cost?  In this webinar, we’ll share the trends driving SIP trunking evolution and provide best practices for successfully embracing the cloud. 


Webcast: SIP Trunking Enables Global Scale—Rapidly and Cost-Effectively

by VoxboneOct 10, 2018

Businesses are growing across international borders quicker than ever, thanks to the rise of apps and the mobile ecosystem. But while they can quickly start selling in new markets, scaling operations to follow suit can be a harder, longer process. This webinar focuses on one business function, telephony, identifying the challenges faced by businesses that wish to rapidly create a local presence in new markets.