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Whitepaper: Building an Enterprise Role Matrix

by BridgestreamJan 01, 2008

In today’s security-conscious business environment, companies need a sound strategy for building a complete Identity and Access Management infrastructure. Bridgestream SmartRoles is an elegant solution based on standards and patented technology with solid architectural flexibility. It operates with existing infrastructures and leverages existing information. Provisioning projects present a good starting point for building an enterprise role matrix using SmartRoles. The combined solution can dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a provisioning system.

Whitepaper: Bridgestream SmartRoles Solution for Regulatory Compliance: The Intelligent Way to Get Your Internal Controls... Under Control

by BridgestreamJan 01, 2008

The effort and resources expended to achieve compliance are typically enormous, and in most cases the chaotic process starts all over again when the next deadline looms. A broad array of technological solutions is available to streamline this process, including identity management technologies such as access control and provisioning products. This paper published by Bridgestream summarizes the growing challenges of meeting compliance requirements, the limitations of traditional ""Solutions,"" and the Bridgestream SmartRoles solution for regulatory compliance.