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Whitepaper: Evaluating Managed File Transfer in the Cloud: What You Need to Know

by Ipswitch File TransferDec 18, 2012

As you evaluate Cloud-hosted solutions for secure managed file transfer, you will need to evaluate cloud solutions compared to on-premise hosted solutions, and the tradeoffs of each. And this decision does not need to be "either-or"; for many companies an enterprise solution for managing secure file transfer encompasses both cloud hosted and on-premise options.

This white paper from Osterman Research details advantages to consider for managing file transfer operations in the cloud, and the key issues to consider when evaluating service offerings.

Whitepaper: Evaluating and Selecting a Secure, Managed File Transfer Solution

by Ipswitch File TransferSep 10, 2012

Are you considering a secure, managed file transfer solution? This in-depth resource shares best practices, checklists and worksheets in evaluating solutions including requirements around security, high availability, workflow, programmability, protocol and operations.

Corporate file transfer has come a long way from your basic FTP server; today's managed file transfer solutions offer better manageability, true workflow, powerful automation, and more. They offer a better cost of ownership than homegrown solutions, while bringing a set of capabilities that most companies really need today.

Whitepaper: Best Practices for Business Class File Sharing Solutions

by Ipswitch File TransferJul 15, 2012

What happens when employees go around IT and use their own Dropbox-like services, webmail or USB drives to send company information? This behavior presents significant security and compliance risks including: Loss of control over who has access to files and data, lack of visibility and audit trails, risk of data breaches and compliance violations.

This Osterman Research white paper sponsored by Ipswitch File Transfer provides an in depth discussion of the issues and key topics around person-to-person file sharing within businesses, including the need for improvements in how files are shared and why IT needs to provide and manage file sharing.

Osterman also covers the questions to ask when choosing a file sharing solution.