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Thycotic is the leading provider of cloud-ready privilege management solutions. Thycotic's security tools empower over 10,000 organizations, from small businesses to the Fortune 500, to limit privileged account risk, implement least privilege policies, control applications, and demonstrate compliance. Thycotic makes enterprise-level privilege management accessible for everyone by eliminating dependency on overly complex security tools and prioritizing productivity, flexibility and control. Headquartered in Washington, DC, Thycotic operates worldwide with offices in the UK and Australia.

Headquarters: Washington DC
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Latest Content From Thycotic

E-Book: How to Build Your Incident Response Plan

by ThycoticFeb 26, 2021

What will you do when a breach is discovered?

Start here to develop your own proactive, coordinated incident response plan.

You need a through and robust incident response plan to help prevent a cyberattack from turning into a cyber catastrophe. Read this whitepaper to learn:

  • Steps to take before an incident occurs to make sure people are prepared to act
  • Indicators of compromise that help you discover a cyberattack or breach immediately
  • Actions to help you contain the damage during each phase of a cyber incident response
  • Strategies that help you maintain business continuity even while under attack

With your incident response plan documented and tested, you can feel more confident, responding swiftly and effectively whenever a cyberattack or breach occurs.

E-Book: Definitive Guide™ to Endpoint Privilege Management

by ThycoticFeb 22, 2021

Your endpoints (and users) have left the office. Here's your guide to protecting them everywhere.

As endpoints such as laptops, tablets, and phones have replaced physical office spaces, all users (not just IT) have to be considered privileged users—and prime targets for attackers. This 48-page Definitive Guide to Endpoint Privilege Management explains in straightforward language what you can do to protect your endpoints for users, applications, and services by applying the principle of least privilege.

You get practical insights and pointers to build your own effective defense-in-depth endpoint security strategy, including:

• Understanding the key roles of enterprise privilege management, least privilege, and application control
• Integrating endpoint privilege management into your existing IT security ecosystem
• Avoiding common pitfalls that could derail your least privilege policy
• Getting started with the right processes and technologies to help ensure success

E-Book: How Secure Are Your Endpoints?

by ThycoticFeb 22, 2021

To secure Windows endpoints against attack, it helps to think like a cyber criminal

Malicious hackers look for the cheapest, fastest, stealthiest way to achieve their goals. Windows endpoints provide many opportunities to gain entry to IT environments and access sensitive information.

The ethical hacking community has created numerous tools and techniques to help organizations better secure their Windows environments. This eBook reveals them.

You'll learn strategies and resources ethical hackers use at each stage of an ethical attack. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to try your hand at an ethical hack to test your own organization's defenses. Most importantly, you'll also learn endpoint security strategies that block malicious hackers from reaching their goals.

E-Book: Service Account Security for Dummies eBook

by ThycoticJan 21, 2020

Get control of service account sprawl and develop a strategy to properly protect and secure service account access to lock down your privileged account attack surface. Learn about service account governance and day-to-day best practices, and the key criteria for managing them with automated cyber security tools.

Research Report: 2019 State of Privileged Access Management (PAM) Maturity Report

by ThycoticJan 21, 2020

With up to 80 percent of breaches due to compromised credentials, more organizations than ever before are prioritizing privileged account protection. Thycotic's "State of PAM Maturity" report highlights the disturbing results based on more than 450 responses worldwide to our online PAM Maturity Assessment.

See the three major key takeaways from the survey and recommendations for action in the complete 2019 State of Privileged Access Management (PAM) Maturity Report.

  • 85% are still struggling to achieve even basic Privileged Access Management (PAM) capabilities.
  • 55% of organizations have no idea how many privileged accounts they have or where they're located.
  • Over 50% of organizations' privileged accounts never expire or get deprovisioned.
  • Only 18% of organizations are storing all their privileged accounts in a secure privileged access management vault or password manager.

Tutorial: Privileged Account Incident Response Template

by ThycoticJan 21, 2020

Thycotic's free Privileged Account Incident Response template is designed to prevent a cyber breach from becoming a cyber catastrophe. It helps IT operations, security and incident response teams form a united front against an attack to coordinate actions and maintain business continuity.

Research Report: Black Hat 2019 Hacker Survey Report

by ThycoticJan 21, 2020

Both hackers and security pros strongly agree that service accounts are an attractive target because hackers can easily elevate privileges and gain access to sensitive information. Yet one in three security pros say service account passwords are changed only after an incident or never rotated!