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Whitepaper: From Lehman to LEI: Getting Your Entity Data House In Order

by WiproOct 01, 2011

The LEI may be just the tip of the entity data iceberg, as "value-added" services begin to surface. For example: with SWIFT likely to become the registration authority, the SWIFT SSI Directory has the potential to become a powerful tool for STP, as SSI data is collected from owners and matched to verified, authenticated entity data via the LEI.

Companies that extend the LEI data to provide full legal entity ownership structure hierarchies could also profit from the LEI, as will those that provide tools and services for robust cross-referencing capability with other identifiers and with transactional data.

As with any standards or utility initiative, however, only strong adoption from the user community will ensure its success. Just as eBay has effectively put all other online auction websites out of business due to their enormous user base, the first movers in this space are likely to emerge as the winners.

Whitepaper: The Dodd-Frank Act: Impact On Derivatives Technology Infrastructure

by WiproSep 01, 2011

The US President Barack Obama signed into law the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act on July 21st, 2010. The Act is essentially a 2,300-page introduction to a new financial regulatory environment that supposedly outlines the most sweeping changes since the great depression, and to the way business is conducted. However, it provides an incomplete road map for the regulatory financial future of the United States since it leaves a lot of details to be defined during the rule-making process. Notwithstanding its incomplete character, the Act will have a significant and immediate impact on all businesses.

Though the overall impact of the Act is wide ranged, for this article, we have limited the scope to deal with the impact it would have on the OTC derivatives market.

Whitepaper: Wash Sale Adjustments: Impact On Cost Basis Reporting

by WiproSep 01, 2011

Wash sale adjustment is one of the key components of cost basis adjustments. The author has used transactional analysis to explain the complexities, reconciliation techniques and recommendation of wash sale adjustments.

In this paper, the concept of sub-lot is introduced to track wash sale adjustments of high volume. This will facilitate reconciliation between the broker and taxpayer, identification of wash sales adjustments and will help to provide explanation to IRS (Internal Revenue Service) inquiries.

Also, this paper deals with the complexities faced by accounting products and cost reporting engines and helps to build simulations and illustrations for complex securities.

Whitepaper: Unique SLA Model saves upto 40% on Product Engineering

by WiproNov 09, 2009

A leading telecom giant was able to deal with industry challenges � such as eroding margins, inefficient operations and increased costs by leveraging a unique SLA model. Discover the benefits of leveraging such a model in your company.

Whitepaper: Proven IT Strategies For Lowering Costs, Reducing Capex and Transforming Business

by WiproNov 09, 2009

IT or the Engineering department can find ways to reduce not only operating costs, but also capital investment while maintaining and even improving service levels. Obtain and implement proven methodologies found in this whitepaper to transform your business.

Whitepaper: 5 Crictical Components of Mobile Management

by WiproNov 09, 2009

The last few years have witnessed wide-spread acceptance of mobile communication globally. The management of mobile devices, however, is getting to be increasingly complex in a changing IT environment. Automate the management of mobile devices and applications and get the 5 critical components of mobile management.

Whitepaper: Product Optimization Services for a Precision Engineering Company

by WiproNov 09, 2009

A Swiss surveying and geographic measurements product company outsourced design and test for an ASIC, reducing time to market by half and increasing fabrication house chip yield. Find out how.

Whitepaper: wSaaSPlatform

by WiproOct 10, 2009

w-SaaS is a platform for rapid SaaS enablement and deployment on cloud