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Network Computing

Network Computing: Connecting The Infrastructure Community The rise of virtualization, cloud computing, and mobility is causing immense changes inside and outside the data center. Different specialties and hardware systems are now converging onto one enterprise infrastructure system. At the same time, IT leaders have more options than ever for how to build infrastructure, how to deliver applications and services, and how to allocate budgets. In order to choose and implement the most efficient strategies and technology investments, IT leaders must be constantly learning, understand how to ask the right questions, and be able to explain infrastructure complexities in a manner that makes sense to their business environments. What's our role? IT professionals count on Network Computing and its affiliated conference, Interop, to show them the how and why behind next-generation networks, data centers, storage systems, communications, and cloud architectures. Interop is the live event for the IT community, while Network Computing provides IT practitioners with an online multimedia experience. Network Computing provides community members with in-depth analysis on new and emerging infrastructure technologies, real-world advice on implementation and operations, and practical strategies for improving their skills and advancing their careers. Our community is a trusted resource for IT architects and engineers who must understand business requirements as well as build and manage the infrastructures to meet those needs. How do we accomplish this? The Network Computing community brings together experienced editors, expert consultants and speakers, and IT professionals - providing a forum for them to solve problems, exchange ideas, and build relationships. We strive to analyze IT from the IT professional's point of view. Many of our authors are Interop speakers and track chairs and the most trusted voices in networking, mobility, data centers, storage, cloud, and UC. Through our interactive platform, community members are able to learn from these industry leaders and contribute their own ideas to ongoing discussions all year long.

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Latest Content From Network Computing

Research Report: Tech Insights: SASE's Pandemic Boost Likely to Stick

by Network ComputingMay 05, 2021

With the proliferation of cloud computing, edge computing, mobility, and IoT, the IT enterprise is experiencing an explosion in the number of endpoints on the network — not to mention a huge increase in risk. All of that complexity requires a centralized approach to simply and securely manage a variety of disparate platforms. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is one framework that combines networking and security functions into a single, cloud-native environment that helps IT professionals to manage multiple point solutions across a myriad of IT domains.

Download the Network Computing Tech Insights Report SASE's Pandemic Boost Likely to Stick to read more.

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Research Report: 2021 Top Enterprise IT Trends - Network Computing

by Network ComputingJan 27, 2021

We've identified the key trends that are poised to impact the IT landscape in 2021. Find out why they're important and how they will affect you.

Here's what's inside:

  • 2021 Requires Different Thinking on Networking for the New Enterprise
  • Automation is No Longer an Option
  • As 2021 Arrives, Data Center and WAN Virtualization Technologies Step Forward
  • IT Challenges as Work-From-Home Becomes the Norm
  • Plus, other 2021 Trends from Dark Reading, Data Center Knowledge, InformationWeek, ITPro Today

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Research Report: How Remote Network Management Keeps the Business Running

by Network ComputingJul 16, 2020

IT departments face a great challenge. In a manner of weeks (days, in some organizations), the way they work radically changed. Network management functions now need to be conducted from home. It's as if every wiring closet, equipment rack, and data center is a lights-out operation. In this Network Computing report, and sponsored by Mist, a Juniper Networks company, our experts discuss ways companies can make stronger transitions by using existing and new technologies and best practices.

Download this report to:
• Learn how to leverage inherent remote management technologies so work-at-home IT staff can spot, troubleshoot, and resolve network problems
• Understand how the role of hyperconverged infrastructures and intent-based networking technologies can play in simplifying tasks for remote IT staff
• Gain knowledge on how the adoption of automation technologies such as artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) can streamline availability and performance monitoring, event correlation and analysis, and IT service management

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Research Report: The New Face of IT Automation

by Network ComputingJun 16, 2020

Businesses today need highly flexible and easy to scale IT infrastructures to deploy new applications to meet changing market conditions quickly, improve operations, and deliver better services. Increasingly, IT organizations are deploying technologies that take manual work out of the picture and replace them with processes that automate network and systems control.

In this special report, created by Network Computing and sponsored by Mist, a Juniper Networks company, we will examine the layers of automation and orchestration in IT operations, and how they can provide high availability and greater scale for modern applications and business demands. Areas that will be covered in this special report include:

• Software-defined everything (software-defined networking, SD-WAN, and more)
• Intent-based networking that aligns IT operations and business objectives AI
• Ops that uses artificial intelligence to enhance and automate IT operations

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