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Cisco Umbrella

Avoid the aftermath with a before strategy. Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform that provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet wherever users go.

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Latest Content From Cisco Umbrella

E-Book: Malicious Cryptominers are Eyeing Your Resources

by Cisco UmbrellaJan 31, 2020

Malicious cryptomining has consistently been one of the top threats across all internet activity. Cryptocurrency's market volatility could make it much more lucrative than ransomware. Find out who they're targeting and how to protect your network.

E-Book: Ransomware Defense for Dummies - 2nd Edition

by Cisco UmbrellaJan 31, 2020

Updated for 2020, the 2nd edition of Cisco Umbrella's popular Ransomware Defense for Dummies eBook explores the top cyber security best practices to reduce ransomware risks.

Ransomware Defense for Dummies consists of 5 short chapters that explore:

• How it operates and its defining characteristics
• Cyber security best practices to reduce risk
• A new best-of-breed network security architecture
• The Cisco Ransomware Defense solution
• Important defense takeaways

Infographic: Protection Inside and Outside the Office: The New State of Cybersecurity

by Cisco UmbrellaJan 31, 2020

More and more employees are working outside of the central office -- and often outside its protection. To secure these remote workers and locations requires a fundamentally different approach. A recent survey of 450 cybersecurity experts by the Enterprise Strategy Group explored the many facets of protecting a network without perimeters. Download this infographic to learn more about the new state of cybersecurity.

Research Report: Cisco Cybersecurity Series 2019: Threat Report

by Cisco UmbrellaJan 31, 2020

Building on the popular Threat of the Month series, Cisco researchers looked at notable 2018 cybersecurity incidents with a fresh perspective: what do they reveal about future adversary tactics? With this lens, they chose threats that best embody what defenders should expect in the year ahead. The report contains in-depth analysis, best practices, and trends to watch.

Whitepaper: The Role of Predictive Intelligence in the Fight Against Cyberattacks

by Cisco UmbrellaJan 31, 2020

Traditional threat intelligence is reactive, basing security on information gathered only after an attack is successfully carried out. With threats increasing in sophistication and speed, you need intelligence that can learn from internet activity patterns, automatically identify attacker infrastructure being staged for the next threat, and block those threats before they have the chance to attack your organization. Download this white paper to learn how a predictive intelligence can aid in the fight against cyberattacks.

Whitepaper: 2018 Cisco Annual Cybersecurity Report

by Cisco UmbrellaMay 11, 2018

For years, Cisco has been warning defenders about escalating cybercriminal activity around the globe. In this, our 2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report, we present data and analysis from Cisco threat researchers and several of our technology partners about attacker behavior observed over the past 12 to 18 months.
Report Includes:
• The evolution of malware, including the developments behind network-based ransomware
• Tactics adversaries are using to evade detection, namely, weaponizing cloud services and other technology used for legitimate purposes
• Developments in malicious encrypted web traffic
• Updates on how DDoS "Burst attacks" are increasing in complexity, frequency, and duration
• Recommendations for defenders

E-Book: Simple, effective security for your network transformation

by Cisco UmbrellaMay 11, 2018

As a secure internet gateway, Cisco Umbrella helps you tackle the challenges of mobility, SaaS, and branch transformation by offering a single platform that secures access to and use of the cloud, SaaS applications, branch offices, and endpoints.

It's your first line of defense against threats -- anytime and anywhere your users access the internet, traffic goes through Umbrella first.

To understand how a secure internet gateway provides 360-degree security for access to and use of the cloud, read the ebook.

Whitepaper: Take your security to new heights: The Cloud

by Cisco UmbrellaMay 11, 2018

The cloud — at one point it was a revolution in the workplace. Now it is simply accepted as an efficient way to get business done. The increase in mobile devices and cloud applications has changed everything, from where we work, to how we communicate, collaborate, and store information. Has your security kept pace with this change?

Most of today's IT security was built to protect a well-defined network infrastructure, but that is yesterday's architecture. When users and assets move outside the network perimeter where the traditional security stack can no longer protect them, your enterprise is exposed to an entirely new set of risks. And with more apps and sensitive data living in the cloud or on mobile devices, gaps emerge that leave organizations susceptible to attacks.

Read this flipbook to see how you can take your security to new heights. We'll explain the challenges driving the shift in the market and how you can take advantage of these changes and improve security for your organization.

E-Book: What attacks aren’t you seeing?

by Cisco UmbrellaMay 11, 2018

We work everywhere: at home, in the office, airports, coffee shops yet traditional security solutions still focus on protecting employees only while on the corporate network. This eBook will educate IT pros about the risks of only relying on legacy defenses like firewalls, web gateways and sandboxes for network security. What if you could leverage a secret weapon that you already have in your security stack to see attacks and protect roaming users, from any device? We'll describe how Cisco Umbrella provides visibility into all internet requests across your network, across every port, protocol or app to uncover and block connections to malicious domains and IP's. See why fortune 50 enterprises and small businesses are realizing the security multiplier effect by using DNS to complement existing security measures.

E-Book: Once Upon a Network: Modern-Day Security Tales

by Cisco UmbrellaMay 11, 2018

It's fact, not fairy tale: Cisco Umbrella offers easy deployment, reliability, threat intelligence and the power of Cisco's portfolio of complete solutions.

New security solutions can be challenging for an IT professional. Enduring sleepless nights thanks to a security solution that didn't really deliver. Calming a stressed CIO. Feeling exposed and vulnerable.

Unable to shake the feeling that something's not right. But Cisco Umbrella is different. Read the flipbook to learn how.