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Cofense focuses on engaging the human &emdash; your last line of defense after a phish bypasses other technology &emdash; and enabling incident response teams to quickly analyze and respond to targeted phishing attacks.

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Whitepaper: Phishing Threat and Malware Review 2019

by CofenseOct 09, 2019

You've got mail. Look out. This report is about evolution, how phishing emails and malware are in a state of constant flux. But one thing hasn't changed: phishing is still the #1 cyber-attack vendor. The vast majority of breaches begin with malicious emails or other social engineering and most malware is delivered by email.

Download this report to learn more about:

• Threats that made it through the email gateway
• Rapid changes in Emotet (aka Geode)
• The dominance of credential phishing in a world of email scams

E-Book: The 5 Uncomfortable Truths About Phishing Defense

by CofenseMay 10, 2019

The Truth Will Set You Free--and Strengthen Your Phishing Defense

Get out of your comfort zone and embrace the truth about phishing defense and today's rapidly changing threat landscape. When over 90% of breaches start as phishing emails--threats that email gateways miss and other defenses are slow to stop--you need to stare the truth in the eye and rethink your approach.

E-Book: Left of Breach

by CofenseFeb 01, 2019

Want to Avoid Attacks? Think Like the Marines. The Marines are tough, but they're smart too. That's why they anticipate risks to stay "left of bang" on the battlefield and reduce their losses. Download this Cofense e-book and learn to use similar thinking to strengthen your phishing defense and keep your company "left of breach."

Whitepaper: When it Comes to Phishing, Healthcare is Hurting

by CofenseFeb 01, 2019

In this industry brief, Cofense shares exclusive data on phishing in the healthcare industry. The take-away: healthcare lags behind other frequently attacked industries in recognizing and reporting phishing emails.

E-Book: 19 Minutes: A Minute-by-Minute Account of Collective Defense in Action

by CofenseFeb 01, 2019

Employees received an email appearing to come from their CEO that bypassed all their other technology. See how this company analyzed, responded to, and resolved the attack - in less than 20 minutes.

E-Book: 6 Keys to Faster Phishing Mitigation

by CofenseFeb 01, 2019

Phishing is still the #1 cyber-attack vector. Don't take a chance on missing malicious emails and the resulting breaches. Download the e-book for 6 keys to faster phishing mitigation!

Whitepaper: If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It: Cofense Malware Review

by CofenseFeb 01, 2019

What malware types were resurgent in the past two quarters? Find out in the Cofense Malware Review Q2-Q3 2018. Get a big-picture look at the most popular malware, new delivery mechanisms, evolving phishing lures, and more. Learn why Hermes and AZORult spiked, plus get insight on how threat actors are tweaking weapons that work. View the report now.

Infographic: Data Breaches and the Great Security Disconnect

by CofenseApr 30, 2018

The growing sophistication and fast-evolving nature of cyberthreats have made data breach preparedness a critical issue for enterprises. View our interactive infographic to learn the surprising statistics and how you can adjust. Three cyberthreats have quickly emerged as major new data breach threats that leave organizations vulnerable and exposed to substantial damage: Phishing, Malware and Ransomware.

Whitepaper: Cofense Malware Review: A Look Back and Look Forward

by CofenseApr 30, 2018

A Look Back at 2017 and a Look Ahead. Like any threat, malware evolves. Last year saw WannaCry, NotPetya, and Shamoon (again)&emdash;and those were just the malware threats that commanded global headlines. To stay in front of ransomware, credentials theft, and more, download the Cofense Malware Review. Get insights from Cofense Intelligence on how the malware is steadily changing.

E-Book: Five Phishing Predictions

by CofenseApr 30, 2018

Buckle up, folks. We're in for a rough ride.You can't stop what you can't see. To give you visibility into the changing phishing landscape, we surveyed Cofense experts to predict what's coming next in phishing predictions and trends.