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ExtraHop is the leader in real-time IT analytics. Our platform makes data-driven IT a reality, applying advanced analytics and cloud-based machine learning to all digital interactions to deliver timely and accurate insight. IT leaders turn to ExtraHop first to help them make faster, better-informed decisions that improve performance, security, and digital experience. Just ask the hundreds of global ExtraHop customers, including Sony, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Adobe, and Google. To experience the power of ExtraHop, explore our interactive online demo:

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Latest Content From ExtraHop

Whitepaper: Situational Intelligence for Cyber Threat Hunters

by ExtraHopAug 01, 2018

This white paper details proactive techniques used by real-world professional threat hunters to detect advanced threats and malicious behaviors like reconnaissance, lateral movement, and data exfiltration in some of the world's most sensitive environments.

Whitepaper: The Critical Asset Filter for the SOC

by ExtraHopAug 01, 2018

This white paper discusses methods for prioritizing critical assets so that security analysts and technologies focus on protecting the most important things, while leveraging automation to handle less urgent monitoring & response tasks.

Video: How Perfect Forward Secrecy works in TLS 1.3

by ExtraHopAug 01, 2018

This short video explains how the new TLS 1.3 standard and the default setting of perfect forward secrecy will impact SecOps teams, and how to maintain visibility in a world where strong encryption is the norm.

Research Report: The Definition of SOC-cess: SANS 2018 SOC Survey Results

by ExtraHopAug 17, 2018

This report collects and analyzes the results of the SANS 2018 SOC Survey. It provides a detailed look at how Security Operations Centers work today, their biggest dissatisfactions with security products, and areas of low hanging fruit for SecOps improvement, based on a survey of a large, global subset of SecOps professionals.

Whitepaper: ExtraHop Reveal(x) Technical Architecture

by ExtraHopJan 04, 2019

Take a look under the hood of ExtraHop Reveal(x) Network Traffic Analysis for the Enterprise

Whitepaper: Reveal(x) Reviewer's Guide

by ExtraHopFeb 20, 2019

As you go through the guide, you will learn how Reveal(x) can help your organization increase efficiency and confidence through unprecedented visibility, definitive insights, and immediate answers.

Research Report: Gartner Report: Market Guide for Network Traffic Analysis

by ExtraHopApr 10, 2019

Gartner's Neil Macdonald identified Network Traffic Analysis as one of the Top Technologies for Security in 2017. Now, in their inaugural Market Guide for Network Traffic Analysis, Gartner states that:

"To improve the detection of suspicious network traffic, security and risk management leaders should:
• Implement behavioral-based network traffic analysis tools to complement signature-based detection solutions
• Include NTA-as-a-feature solutions in their evaluations, if they are available from security information and event, firewall, or other security products.
• Focus on scalability (can the solution analyze the volume of traffic in the network?); efficacy of detection (perform a proof-of-concept trial in the environment); and price (at this early stage, market pricing varies widely)."

We're pleased to say ExtraHop Reveal(x) is included as a Representative Vendor of this crucial new category. Read the guide to understand which gap we believe NTA fills in the crowded cyber security market, as well as which vendors can support key security objectives such as faster incident response and stronger security hygiene through network detection and response.

Research Report: EMA Report: TLS 1.3 Adoption in the Enterprise

by ExtraHopApr 10, 2019

Read the new research from EMA on how encryption is impacting enterprises, and how they're preparing for even further transformation due to TLS 1.3 and perfect forward secrecy.

Whitepaper: SANS Review: Investigate Attacks on Critical Assets with Network Traffic Analysis

by ExtraHopApr 10, 2019

Internal threat activities (priilege escalation, lateral movement, etc.) are difficult if not impossible to detect using endpoint and perimeter protection alone. ExtraHop Reveal(x) provides network traffic analysis that helps security analysts efficiently detect and investigate these late-stage threats, as well as proactively improve security hygiene.

SANS Institute put the product through its paces to evaluate the following:

• Intuitiveness of the user interface
• Breach detection and response capabilities
• Proactive hunting of internal threats
• Ability to support hygiene and compliance initiatives

Read the report to learn why SANS Instructor Dave Shackleford says Reveal(x) "does [detecting and investigating threats in east-west traffic] well, and so much more."

Whitepaper: How Network Traffic Analysis Makes the CIS Controls Easier

by ExtraHopApr 23, 2019

When you have limited resources and a large attack surface to protect, smart prioritization is crucial. The Center for Internet Security (CIS) Top 20 Controls are a great place to start when it comes to making tough decisions, and ExtraHop Reveal(x) provides enterprise-class network traffic analysis to help you support many of the 20 Controls with ease.

Read this whitepaper to learn how Reveal(x) makes it far simpler for security teams to tackle the ambitious CIS Controls such as Inventory and Control of Hardware Assets, but also more technical recommendations like Account Monitoring and Control.