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Latest Content From Bandwidth

Webcast: Save Money and Deliver Results with SIP

by BandwidthSep 05, 2019

Are you currently evaluating or in the process of updating your telecom infrastructure to SIP? It’s pretty well understood that SIP trunking is a more scalable and cost-effective solution than TDM and PRI, but how do you continue to justify the resources you need and plan for an effective and pain-free transition?

Join our experts for this webinar as they dive into the SIP transition process and share best practices for justifying, planning, and migrating your telecom infrastructure from POTS to SIP in order to cut costs and free up end of year budget. We will go over common obstacles and pitfalls like maintaining 911 connectivity, as well as help you identify the metrics that correlate with success.

Webcast: Connecting 9-1-1 During Cloud Migrations

by BandwidthApr 10, 2019

Are you in the process of migrating to the cloud or a UC platform, but worried about breaking access to 9-1-1? Have you already migrated but are holding onto legacy PRI or POTS lines to support 9-1-1? Join Irwin Lazar, Vice President and Service Director at Nemertes Research, and Lydia Runnels, VP of Product Strategy at Bandwidth for practical advice and use cases, including:

  • How cloud and UC migrations can break user access to local 9-1-1
  • Strategies for updating your access to 9-1-1 that reduce costs and simplify administration
  • The importance of capturing user location at the time of a 9-1-1 call
  • How NG911 will impact your 9-1-1 plans

Webcast: Supercharge your Unified Communications with CPaaS

by BandwidthFeb 27, 2019

Does your organization currently leverage a Unified Communications (UC) or a Contact Center solution? Are you hearing a lot of buzz about Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) lately, and wondering how you could leverage this emerging technology to work in tandem with your current communications solutions to drive efficiency, improve quality, and help reduce costs? Join us for a live webinar where we’ll explore different types of CPaaS providers, provide tips on picking the right one for your needs, and discuss the benefits of a successful marriage between your existing UC platform and the right CPaaS solution.