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ReliaQuest GreyMatter reduces complexity by integrating your existing technologies to provide a unified threat detection, investigation and response platform to manage and minimize risk. GreyMatter delivers Open XDR outcomes by increasing efficacy and operational efficiency, acting as a force multiplier for stretched security teams to ensure investment in the right areas.

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Whitepaper: The Case for Open XDR-as-a-Service

by ReliaQuestAug 25, 2021

Security operations focus an organization's efforts around threat prevention, detection, and response. This then depends upon effective data collection, processing, and analysis, followed by data-driven decision making. While organizations have years of experience in these areas, security operations processes and technologies seem to be less and less effective, increasing cyber-risk and the prospect of a costly data breach. CISOs can't keep doing things the same old way but rather need different types of solutions to overcome the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of today's security operations.

Whitepaper: The CISO's Guide to Metrics that Matter in 2021

by ReliaQuestJun 21, 2021

The security metrics that teams traditionally use lack context and fail to provide insights needed to make strategic decisions, leaving CISOs struggling to show ROI, identify critical gaps, and gain the support across the organization to mature their security program. This can leave security teams with a false sense of confidence and a less-than-optimal budget, all the while risk increases. By applying the security metrics that matter, CISOs can mature their security programs and articulate value to boards, peers, and technical team members.

Our latest version of the guide, updated for the 2021 landscape, includes:

  • Example of what metrics to use and not to use
  • How to derive meaning from metrics to show ROI, identify program gaps, and build budget
  • Communication frameworks to enable support across the business

Whitepaper: The Security Game Should be Strategic, but Seems One of Chance

by ReliaQuestJun 21, 2021

The results of the 2021 ReliaQuest Security Technology Sprawl survey are in! Findings reveal that enterprise security, which should be strategic, is many times a game of chance. Burgeoning tool sprawl coupled with lack of strategic metrics and executive and operations misalignments hinder progress. But there is a way out of this quandary — improve efficacies of security tools, leverage automation to overcome resource issues and focus on ROI-based metrics.

Download the report to learn about the current state of security at an enterprise and best practice advise from industry leaders on how to raise performance and win at enterprise IT security.

E-Book: Best-in-Class Security Operations and What it Takes to Get There

by ReliaQuestJun 21, 2021

The FBI reports that losses due to phishing, spoofing, various types of Internet-enabled fraud, and other scams exceeded $4.1 billion in 2020 in the United States. That's despite the bold initiatives and massive investments in security technologies that many organizations have made over the years to protect their users and other critical assets. IT leaders and Security Operations Center (SOC) teams have deployed best-of-breed security solutions in a valiant effort to keep the enterprise secure and maintain some level of visibility and control. But the overall result of adopting these layers of disparate tools has been far from ideal.

Download the eBook to learn about:

  • The Need for an Outcome-Based Security Strategy;
  • The Key Attributes of Best-in-Class Security Operations;
  • How to Operationalize Security by Reducing Complexity and Increasing Visibility.

E-Book: The Future of Automation in Cybersecurity: Getting the Most from Automation and People

by ReliaQuestJun 21, 2021

The future of cybersecurity automation is technology augmenting people, not replacing them. The keys to better cybersecurity defenses are strategic integration of technologies and automation across the security lifecycle giving humans better insights so they can make confident decisions and respond fast. Read our latest Expert Focused eBook to learn how to get the most from automation and empower analysts so they can get and stay ahead.

Whitepaper: Three Steps to Securing Enterprise Data on Cloud Platforms

by ReliaQuestDec 13, 2019

Cloud Platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform have introduced a new level of flexibility and scalability, but they have also introduced new challenges when it comes to threat monitoring which can leave enterprises vulnerable to attack.

The secret to success starts with understanding the common platform risks inherent in cloud technologies. From threat protection to GDPR compliance, security teams have a lot to consider when configuring their environment for a cloud platform.

Read this whitepaper to learn:

• How to configure your security environment for cloud platform architecture
• How to monitor the cloud through SIEM integration
• How to expand security through Cloud Application Security Brokers (CASBs)

Whitepaper: Top 5 Log Sources You Should Be Ingesting but Probably Aren’t

by ReliaQuestDec 13, 2019

The key to minimizing security threats and maximizing business insights is logging and monitoring all relevant events from across an enterprise IT environment-but some data sources present unique logging challenges, often leaving them unmonitored and vulnerable to attack.

Top 5 Logging Sources You Should Be Ingesting but Probably Aren't offers advice for assessing and improving current logging activities, plus tips for logging of commonly overlooked sources, such as:

• Cloud Platforms
• Databases
• Domain Name Systems (DNS)
• Physical security sources
• Web servers

Whitepaper: Rethinking Security Automation: Six Best Practices to Improve Visibility and Accelerate Response

by ReliaQuestDec 13, 2019

The problem today is that there are too many tools, too little integration among them, and more noise than a team can analyze and understand -- all of which add up to less visibility into threats and less efficient security teams. Automation is supposed to solve the "tool fatigue" problem, surfacing the most critical issues by running playbooks against common threats and freeing up valuable resources for other tasks. However, expectations for automation have outpaced it's capabilities to drastically reduce human intervention in security monitoring.

Download this whitepaper to discover:

• Why organizations have high expectations for automation -- and why they need to revise these expectations
• How the problems of "too many tools" and "too much data" negatively impact data visibility
• How automation, when applied correctly, simplifies security and adds context to threats and workflows

Research Report: 415 Research: Tackling the Visibility Gap

by ReliaQuestDec 13, 2019

Is your security team blind to the activities in more than half of its IT assets?

That was just one of the findings in a new report from 451 Research, based on in-depth interviews with security leaders across 150 large enterprises and focused on the challenges facing their teams. On average, the report found SIEMs were only ingesting logs from 45% of log-producing systems.

This report uncovers the most tangible pain points in security operations -- from managed service providers to alert fatigue -- and the emerging mandate required from people, processes and technology to optimally protect the business from threats.

Download this Research Report to:

• Explore the latest data about the challenges inherent in managing security models
• Examine the tools and processes currently used by large enterprise security teams to maintain visibility and improve their IT environment's security posture
• Understand the impact that visibility (or a lack thereof) can have on both security and business operations

Research Report: 2019 ReliaQuest Security Technology Sprawl Report

by ReliaQuestDec 13, 2019

ReliaQuest, a leader in enterprise security, today released the findings of the 2019 ReliaQuest Security Technology Sprawl Report, which reveals how a rapid increase in the number of security tools used by large companies is limiting their return on investment while increasing the risk of cyber threats. The survey of 400 security decision makers at companies with more than 1,000 employees found there is a "security tool tipping point" where the number of cybersecurity solutions becomes overwhelming and increases organizational risk levels. The result is underutilized technology, ineffective use of valuable security resources and overwhelmed and inefficient teams that spend more time trying to manage their wide range of tools that proactively defending against threats.

Key findings include:

• Security teams are deploying more tools than ever
• Teams are struggling to implement the tools
• The burden of tools maintenance compromises threat response
• A majority of enterprises are less secure today as a result of tool sprawl