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Webcast: Using Security Champions to Build a DevSecOps Culture Within Your Organization

by Black Duck by SynopsysDec 11, 2018

The security industry has made great strides developing tools and technology to integrate software security into the application development life cycle. However, it’s important not to ignore the people and process aspects of DevSecOps. Building security into application teams’ culture is necessary for DevSecOps to be successful.

Outside the software security group, Security Champions are the leaders of this cultural change.

Webcast: 10 Emerging Threats to Today's Enterprise Applications

by Black Duck by SynopsysNov 08, 2018

Cyberattacks to today’s enterprises often begin by exploiting a new or recently discovered software vulnerability. What are some of these emerging application vulnerabilities, and how are attackers using them to crack security and expose critical business data?

In this Dark Reading webinar, application security experts offer a look at some of the latest and most potentially damaging threats to current enterprise apps, and how those threats can expose your organization to data compromise and theft. The experts also offer some practical advice on how to identify these threats and vulnerabilities in your organization – and how to secure your applications to limit the impact of an application-focused attack.