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Deep Instinct

Latest Content From Deep Instinct

Webcast: Developing and Managing an Endpoint Security Strategy for Your Enterprise

by Deep InstinctJan 14, 2020

Wireless devices. Mobile laptops that could be booted up from anywhere. Desktop systems loaded with sensitive information. Smartphones and smart TVs. For the IT security manager, the concept of “endpoint security” has evolved significantly over the past year or two. How is your enterprise approaching the endpoint security problem? In this webinar, experts offer advice and recommendations on how to build an endpoint security strategy that works across all of the devices that the end user might employ. You’ll also get insight on how to develop a consistent endpoint security strategy that works for all of your end users, no matter what their roles or applications.

Webcast: Implementing an Effective Defense Against Ransomware

by Deep InstinctNov 05, 2019

Ransomware has become one of the fastest-growing cyber threats faced by enterprises today, not to mention municipal governments, hospitals and schools. What are the most common ways that ransomware gets into systems, and how can you limit the possibility of infection? If you are infected, what steps should you take to mitigate the problem, and how should you deal with the perpetrators? This webinar will answer these questions and more, providing expert advice on how to stop ransomware from infecting your critical systems and data --and what to do if your defenses fail.

Webcast: AI vs. AI: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

by Deep InstinctSep 10, 2019

Think about what would happen when hackers start using the power of AI for their malicious ends? With the dissemination of AI knowledge and resources, this has become not a theoretical question of if, but when. In this webinar we’ll be drawing out the implications of this, as we explore the three possible types of attack which include:

  • AI based attacks – where malware is built on AI algorithms as an integral part of its business logic.
  • AI based attack infrastructure and frameworks – where the AI is used elsewhere in the attacker’s environment and infrastructure, for e.g. server malware creation process etc.
  • Adversarial attacks – where “malicious” AI algorithms work to subvert the functionality of “benign” AI algorithms.

Webcast: How to Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Improve Enterprise Security

by Deep InstinctMar 19, 2019

Many cybersecurity vendors today use terms such as “AI” and “machine learning” (ML) to describe the capabilities of their products. But what exactly do these technologies do, and how can you implement them to improve your everyday IT security processes?

In this enlightening Dark Reading webinar, a top expert will offer some useful definitions of terms and will discuss some practical applications of the technology that might speed your incident reaction time and improve your use of IT security staff resources.