Lockpath is an enterprise software company that helps organizations understand and manage their risk. The company's line of integrated risk management solutions provides companies with the means to efficiently and effectively identify, manage, and monitor risks for a more agile and resilient business. Lockpath serves a client base of global organizations ranging from small and midsize companies to Fortune 10 enterprises in more than 15 countries.

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Whitepaper: 6 Ways Effective CISOs Are Changing their Role

by LockpathApr 02, 2019

Read the trades, and you quickly get the impression that CISOs are stressed about cyberattacks, challenged by staffing shortages, pressured by management oversight and baffled by budgeting.

The real story is how forward-thinking CISOs are adapting to a new normal brought about by the digital transformation and the meteoric rise in cybercrime. It's not the kind of adaption associated with Charles Darwin that takes generations for genetic changes to appear. The new skillset equips CISOs for an evolving role.

This article describes six ways CISOs are adapting to change.

Whitepaper: Why We Need Continuous Security Monitoring Platforms

by LockpathMar 31, 2019

Cybersecurity isn't just IT and Security's business. It's everyone's business.

With the increase of regulatory requirements and more scrutiny on IT risk and security programs, cybersecurity is becoming a company-wide initiative. This article discusses different departments' unique needs for cybersecurity information and how IT and Security teams can leverage continuous security monitoring to more effectively gather and communicate data to the business. Learn more by downloading this article.

Whitepaper: Continuous Security Monitoring with Blacklight

by LockpathMar 31, 2019

Continuously audit and monitor critical IT assets and networks with the Blacklight Platform.

Given the importance of your IT networks and assets, you can't wait weeks or months for the next security assessment. The Blacklight Platform enables automatic and continuous security monitoring of your IT networks and assets to give you a real-time and accurate view into your security posture. Automatically perform secure configuration assessments, host and application asset discovery and correlate findings to organizational frameworks and controls for better risk management. Learn more by downloading this data sheet.

Whitepaper: The Blacklight Platform

by LockpathMar 31, 2019

Audit IT asset configurations and discover unknown devices with the Blacklight Platform

Risks don't abide by your reporting schedule. The Blacklight Platform continuously monitors assets to bring visibility to unknown configuration risks. Blacklight agents automatically audit assets against CIS and custom benchmarks to provide a real-time, in-depth view of configuration status. Any instances of misconfiguration are flagged for investigation and remediation. Learn more by downloading this data sheet.