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Ribbon Communications Inc.

Ribbon Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: RBBN) delivers market-leading software solutions that secure and power many of the world's leading service provider and enterprise communications environments. Built on world-class technology and intellectual property, the company's cloud-native solutions deliver intelligent and secure real-time communications solutions for the cloud, network and enterprise edge. Ribbon's Kandy Cloud real-time communications software platform delivers advanced and embedded CPaaS and UCaaS capabilities enabling service providers to rapidly create and deploy high-value communications services. With locations in more than 25 countries and on six continents, Ribbon's innovative, market-leading portfolio empowers service providers and enterprises with carrier-grade real-time communications solution, along with a new level of security that runs in their network infrastructure, data centers and private cloud, or in the public cloud.

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Latest Content From Ribbon Communications Inc.

Webcast: Extending the Value of SD-WAN with Cloud Unified Communications

by Ribbon Communications Inc.May 21, 2019

Multisite business across the globe are migrating their branches and stores to SD-WAN services from dedicated MPLS, realizing up to 40% cost savings and a 30% increase in bandwidth, coupled with an exponential increase in agility. Similarly, migrating to a cloud-based communication system along with consolidating voice providers and converting to centralized SIP trunks can save thousands or tens of thousands of dollars each month. Implementing both migrations at the same time helps maximize the benefits, offering economies of scale, business continuity and increased ROI.

This webinar will provide insight into the ROI model as well as key steps to plan for enterprise-wide transformation. An expert panel will discuss important considerations that need to be taken into account to migrate off of legacy MPLS networks and premises-based PBXs; creating a solution that is compelling for both customers and employees.

Whitepaper: Ribbon Analytics Application Portfolio

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Apr 22, 2019

A 360° understanding of IP data and RTC usage that delivers numerous use cases for services assurance, security and subscriber grow.

Whitepaper: STIR/ SHAKEN (Addressing Caller ID Spoofing)

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Apr 22, 2019

Keep communications free of calls coming through from various numbers that are fraudulent and known nuisance call.

This solution brief will focus on the source authentication process being developed by Ribbon Communications to solve the robo-calling plague.

E-Book: Securing Real-Time Communications for Dummies Book

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Apr 22, 2019

Protecting your communications network starts with a deep understanding of attack vectors targeting SIP.

Whitepaper: Brochure Ribbon: RoboProtect

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Apr 22, 2019

Keep communications free of calls coming through from various numbers that are fraudulent and known nuisance call.

Whitepaper: Whitepaper: Securing Real-Time Communications

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Apr 03, 2019

Learn how to stop bad actors from penetrating your real-time communications.

Whitepaper: Security and Intelligence with Ribbon Protect

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Apr 03, 2019

Consolidate your Network Tools for Real-time Communications Security and Operations.

Whitepaper: Brochure: Ribbon NetProtect

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Apr 03, 2019

Security intelligence sharing: A more pragmatic approach to securing your real time communications network

Whitepaper: Brochure: FraudProtect

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Apr 03, 2019

Everyday bad actors are attempting to fraudulently hack communications networks for reasons such as financial gain, denial of services, theft of services, or simply an ideology. In fact, telecommunication fraud loss alone has been estimated at $29 billions in 2017 by the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA).

Ribbon FraudProtect is an application that helps identify when fraudulent activity is occurring in your communications network. It monitors calls, identifies unusual or unexpected activities, and mitigates the threat, thus protecting your network from further misuse.

Whitepaper: Brochure: Ribbon Discover

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Apr 03, 2019

Discover, part of Ribbon Protect's suite of applications, is a powerful tool used for visualizing, analyzing and troubleshooting communication network performance. With Discover, you will be able to perform retrospective root cause analysis with historical data to identify key network trends and issues over periods of time.