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Ribbon Communications Inc.

Ribbon Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: RBBN) delivers market-leading software solutions that secure and power many of the world's leading service provider and enterprise communications environments. Built on world-class technology and intellectual property, the company's cloud-native solutions deliver intelligent and secure real-time communications solutions for the cloud, network and enterprise edge. Ribbon's Kandy Cloud real-time communications software platform delivers advanced and embedded CPaaS and UCaaS capabilities enabling service providers to rapidly create and deploy high-value communications services. With locations in more than 25 countries and on six continents, Ribbon's innovative, market-leading portfolio empowers service providers and enterprises with carrier-grade real-time communications solution, along with a new level of security that runs in their network infrastructure, data centers and private cloud, or in the public cloud.

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Latest Content From Ribbon Communications Inc.

Infographic: Ribbon NetProtect

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Sep 18, 2019

Security intelligence sharing: A more pragmatic approach to securing your real time communications network

Whitepaper: SBC Core Hardened Security for an Untrusted Boundary

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Jan 13, 2020

How do you ensure a secure implementation of Unified Communications — you need a Session Border Controller. Read on to learn more about Ribbon's SBCs which will protect an enterprise from malicious attacks on either the signaling or media for UC services.

E-Book: Securing Real-Time Communications for Dummies Book

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Jan 13, 2020

Unified Communications maybe an open door to your network, you need an session border controller to protect what firewalls cannot do. Firewalls are designed to protect data networks and services from external threats and attacks, but unfortunately, they do a poor job of protecting enterprise communication services. Learn more why the right solution requires an session border controller (SBC) and how Ribbon's SBCs will protect an enterprise VoIP and UC services.

Whitepaper: Security and Intelligence with Ribbon Analytics

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Sep 18, 2019

Consolidate your Network Tools for Real-time Communications Security and Operations.

Whitepaper: STIR/ SHAKEN (Addressing Caller ID Spoofing)

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Apr 22, 2019

Keep communications free of calls coming through from various numbers that are fraudulent and known nuisance call.

This solution brief will focus on the source authentication process being developed by Ribbon Communications to solve the robo-calling plague.

Webcast: Taking the Shortest Path to Secure Microsoft Teams Calling

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Jul 24, 2019

Mid-sized and large organizations deploying Microsoft Teams with calling need a secure, scalable, and economic way to use their existing carrier contracts for PSTN connectivity. This involves deploying a Microsoft-certified session border controller (SBC) in the call path, which serves as a point of demarcation between your business and the cloud. With the right SBC solution, you can use your carrier PSTN trunks with Teams while at the same time securing your users from nefarious hackers attempting to infiltrate your systems for personal gain.

Microsoft now allows companies using Microsoft Teams for PSTN calling to deploy an SBC in the same Azure cloud where Teams itself runs. Deploying in the Azure cloud increases the quality of your voice communications by providing a shorter path to Teams Phone System. Plus, it’s convenient because you can order your Azure-based SBC right in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Infographic: TDoSProtect

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Oct 18, 2019

Even if you properly protect your unified communications, you can still encounter a malicious Telephony Denial of Service attack that ties-up communication applications such as IVRs or incoming and outgoing trunks. Learn more about how Ribbon's TDoSProtect analytics application uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to mitigate these attacks.

Webcast: Unified Communications Security: How Analytics Addresses the Threats You Don’t Even Know About

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Nov 12, 2019

As unified communications (UC) adoption grows, so too does the number of bad actors who prey on vulnerabilities. The source of vulnerabilities stem from a lack of understanding risks and subsequent lack of best practices to address UC security threats. When a serious threat strikes, without the right security solution that can see across the entire UC network -- IT staff will only have reactive after-the-fact options. Wondering what can your organization do, to best protect itself from these bad actors? Then this webinar is for you.

Whitepaper: Whitepaper: Securing Real-Time Communications

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Apr 03, 2019

Learn how to stop bad actors from penetrating your real-time communications.