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For companies that want to manage their security posture against the evolving threat landscape: Cymulate SaaS-based Extended Security Posture Management (XSPM) deploys within an hour, enabling security professionals to continuously challenge, validate and optimize their cyber-security posture end-to-end across the MITRE ATT&CK® framework.

The platform provides out-of-the-box, expert, and threat intelligence-led risk assessments that are simple to deploy and use for all maturity levels, and constantly updated. It also provides an open framework to create and automate red and purple teaming by generating penetration scenarios and advanced attack campaigns tailored to their unique environments and security policies. Cymulate allows professionals to manage, know and control their dynamic environment.

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Latest Content From Cymulate

Whitepaper: Automated Pen Testing vs Breach and Attack Simulation

by CymulateJun 01, 2022

What's the difference between Automated Penetration Testing and Breach and Attack Simulation? In this whitepaper, learn the questions you need to ask and get an at-a-glance comparison table. Learn which solution is best for your organization, download the whitepaper now.

Whitepaper: 3 Approaches to Breach and Attack Simulation

by CymulateJun 01, 2022

The rise of Breach and Attack Simulation gives companies the ability to test the cyber posture of their organization continuously and safely. Download this whitepaper to learn about 3 different approaches of BAS technologies and which approach the Cymulate platform uses.

Research Report: 2021 State of Cybersecurity Effectiveness Usage Report

by CymulateJun 01, 2022

This report analyzes the results of 2021 clients' usage data, comprised of over one million real-world offensive tests by Cymulate's Extended Security Posture Management platform.


  • How capable enterprises fared in detecting, fending off, or remediating attacks scenarios
  • Prescriptive, data-driven advice on how to improve and maximize defensive capabilities
  • Threat-actor behaviors and difficult to remediate techniques, tactics, and procedures
  • Key insights and takeaways for organizations for 2022
Download the report now.

Whitepaper: Cyber Attack Simulations vs Pen Testing vs Vulnerability Scanning

by CymulateJun 01, 2022

Between Pen-Testing, Vulnerability Scanning and cyber attack simulations, only one provides the proper education your team needs to prevent attackers from gaining an initial foothold. How else can cyber attack simulations minimize risk? Read the comparison here.

Whitepaper: 2022 Cyber Predictions

by CymulateJun 01, 2022

Cymulate's Research Lab has shared their predictions for 2022; what's likely to change at the legislative, executive, and technical levels.

Read their predictions here.