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BlueVoyant combines internal and external cyber defense capabilities into an outcomes-based platform called BlueVoyant Elements®. Elements is cloud-native and continuously monitors your network, endpoints, attack surface, and supply chain plus the clear, deep, and dark web for vulnerabilities, risks, and threats; and takes action to protect your business, leveraging both machine learning-driven automation and human-led expertise. Elements can be deployed as independent solutions or together as a full-spectrum cyber defense platform. BlueVoyant's approach to cyber defense revolves around three key pillars — technology, telemetry, and talent — that deliver industry leading cybersecurity defense capabilities to more than 700 customers across the globe.

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Latest Content From BlueVoyant

Research Report: The Rising Threat of Smishing: A Deep Dive

by BlueVoyantNov 05, 2022

Using SMS text messages, or "smishing," as a platform to distribute phishing messages is steadily increasing, affecting millions around the world and causing severe financial losses.

Download this report to:

  • Learn about recent smishing trends in the financial services industry
  • Understand tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used by threat actors to carry out phishing operations
  • Take a look into an active engagement session with a threat actor who conducts smishing operations

E-Book: Digital Brand Protection for Financial Institutions

by BlueVoyantOct 31, 2022

From online banking websites to mobile apps, these crucial parts of financial institutions are also easy targets. How can you start taking a proactive approach to protect your customers' assets and your brand?

Download this eBook to learn:

  • Common cyber attacks used by today's threat actors against financial services institutions
  • How threat actors gain access to phishing and spoofing kits
  • The advantage of establishing a proactive approach to phishing and spoofing campaigns
  • How security teams can discover if brand data is exposed to cyber attacks

Research Report: Dynamic DNS Infrastructure: The Phisher's Cheat Code

by BlueVoyantOct 30, 2022

Dynamic DNS Infrastructure providers offer free dynamic DNS services and host thousands of active subdomains at any given moment. It is highly active — with threat actors using it to target the largest U.S. financial institutions via phishing websites.

Download this report to learn:

  • The methods threat actors use to orchestrate phishing attempts
  • Evasion mechanisms phishers employ to go undetected
  • How to use this information to understand emerging threats in real time