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SpyCloud is the leader in account takeover (ATO) prevention, protecting billions of consumer and employee accounts either directly or through product integrations. Our award-winning solutions proactively defeat fraud attempts and disrupt the criminals' ability to profit from stolen information.

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Latest Content From SpyCloud

Whitepaper: NIST Password Guidelines Best Practices Guide

by SpyCloudOct 17, 2019

Aligning your password policy with the latest guidelines from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) can help encourage better password habits and reduce the risk of account takeover.

Download this guide to get an overview of required NIST password guidelines and how to implement them. Even if you don't use Microsoft Active Directory, this is still a helpful guide to NIST's latest password recommendations.

Research Report: Considerations for Choosing an ATO (Account Takeover) Security Solution

by SpyCloudSep 18, 2019

Account takeover (ATO) isn't slowing down. According to the 2019 Verizon Breach Report, 80% of hacking-related breaches involve the use of weak and stolen credentials. To protect your organization, you need to choose an ATO solution that incorporates multiple modes of defense. In this guide, we share best practices and guidelines for evaluating potential solutions.

Whitepaper: Understanding the Underground Market for Stolen Credentials

by SpyCloudSep 18, 2019

Even after the fall of the large darknet markets, a sophisticated underground ecosystem still thrives on the sale and trade of stolen credentials. Phishing and spear-phishing attacks are becoming increasingly complex—and that's just the tip of the iceberg. In this white paper, SpyCloud experts provide an in-depth analysis of how underground markets operate, how they are changing, and how you can protect yourself and your company.

Whitepaper: Understanding the Latest NIST Password Guidelines

by SpyCloudSep 18, 2019

Over the years, security professionals have learned surprising lessons about how password policies affect user behavior. Faced with complex requirements, people often take dangerous shortcuts.

To help organizations mitigate the risk posed by users' bad password habits, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) designed a set of password guidelines with human behavior in mind. Read this white paper from SpyCloud to understand what NIST's guidance means for your organization.

Whitepaper: Password Remediation Playbook

by SpyCloudSep 18, 2019

What should you do if your employee's password is exposed in a breach? If you're in this position, you need to take action right away to protect your enterprise. Criminals actively exploit stolen login information to take over accounts, drain funds, and infiltrate corporate networks. In this guide, learn the 5 steps you should take to remediate an exposed account.