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Menlo Security

Menlo Security protects organizations from cyberattacks by eliminating the threat of malware from the web, documents, and email. Menlo Security has helped hundreds of Global 2000 companies and major government agencies achieve Zero Trust Internet. The company's cloud-based Internet Isolation Platform scales to provide comprehensive protection across enterprises of any size, without requiring endpoint software or impacting the end-user experience.The company was named a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the Secure Web Gateway.

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Latest Content From Menlo Security

Research Report: The Future of Network Security Is in the Cloud

by Menlo SecurityNov 04, 2019

Gartner recommends, "Complexity, latency and the need to decrypt and inspect encrypted traffic once will increase demand for consolidation of networking and security-as-a-service capabilities into a cloud-delivered secure access service edge (SASE, pronounced "sassy")."

Menlo Security offers the solution that delivers on Gartner's vision of network security in the cloud.

Find out how by downloading this report.

Whitepaper: Secure Cloud Transformation

by Menlo SecurityOct 31, 2019

It's clear that security isn't keeping up with cloud transformation. It's time to close the gap and protect users from web and email cyberattacks as you migrate to using SaaS applications.

Read "Secure Cloud Transformation" to Learn:

  • Why security has moved to the cloud yet has failed to adapt to the changing cloud paradigm
  • How a cloud security platform powered by isolation fundamentally changes the way organizations protect users
  • The top four requirements of a cloud-based security platform

Whitepaper: Zero Trust Internet: 100% Email & Web Security

by Menlo SecurityOct 22, 2019

The "detect and prevent" approach has reached its potential. Attackers have learned how to bypass this defense method. With Menlo Security's Internet Isolation Platform, you can achieve a Zero Trust Internet.


  • How companies can separate their enterprise network from the public web, while allowing employees seamless access to the Internet.
  • How you can warn employees that they are on a phishing site, never having to worry about malware, viruses, or ransomware being downloaded.

Tutorial: See How Bank of Hawaii Eliminates Web-Based Threats

by Menlo SecurityOct 22, 2019

With over 70 branches throughout the Pacific, Bank of Hawaii manages more than $17 billion in assets.

The biggest challenges for this financial institution were:
• Their current detect-and-respond approach was labor-intensive, sapping resources from strategic projects.
• Users were blocked from parts of the Internet that were risky—even if users needed to access the sites for their job.

To see how they overcame these challenges with an Isolation Secure Web Gateway, read this case study.