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VIAVI Solutions

VIAVI Solutions is a network performance management leader enabling IT teams to understand user experience with a patent-pending End-User Experience score. By analyzing hundreds of performance metrics, VIAVI Observer distills this information into a single, easy to understand, sore representing what actual end users are experiencing. This quick insight provides a breakdown of issue domain with a simple problem explanation with the best wire data forensics on the market to speed problem resolution. VIAVI helps network teams manage daily operations, mitigate performance and security risks, and solve issues fast.

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Latest Content From VIAVI Solutions

E-Book: End-User Experience: An IT Troubleshooting Revolution

by VIAVI SolutionsDec 13, 2019

As businesses become more reliant on applications to run smoothly and efficiently, the IT department is under increasing pressure to ensure users have unfettered access whenever and wherever they need it. Slow networks of unavailable apps are not tolerated and costs businesses money. The big problem is that we're still trying to resolve problems using the same old processes and systems that we've always used.

Download this eBook to learn why operationalizing network operations is critical to business success

Whitepaper: NetFlow vs Packet Data

by VIAVI SolutionsDec 13, 2019

Two of the more powerful data sources available today are Netflow (IPFIX) and packet data, which have been helping network and security teams gain clear visibility into the network for years. Troubleshooting expert and network instructor, Chris Greer, dives into the strengths and weaknesses of both flow and packet-based visibility and highlights specific scenarios to illustrate where both data sources shine.

E-Book: Network Monitoring Technology: Achieving Operational Excellence

by VIAVI SolutionsDec 13, 2019

Operating enterprise networks is getting more and more difficult by the day. Businesses rely on their networks to share information that drives productivity, revenue, partnerships, and customer loyalty. However many still wrestle internally with positioning networks, and their performance, as a mission-critical necessity. Download this eBook to learn how to maintain operational excellence while also delivering innovation through IT solutions.

Research Report: State of the Network: NetOps and SecOps Collide

by VIAVI SolutionsDec 13, 2019

Over 600 IT professionals weigh in on the workloads, challenges, data sources and team collaboration required to safeguard critical corporate assets. Download this study to learn more about the escalating demands faced by NetOps teams as they are pulled into security efforts as a growing rate, and how this continually increasing focus on security creates "mission creep" for NetOps teams that could compromise their ability to maintain network performance and troubleshoot user issues.

Whitepaper: Building Business Cases for Investing in Network Performance Management

by VIAVI SolutionsDec 13, 2019

This guide reveals why network operations teams should invest in network performance management solutions, and how they can build the business case to convince IT management that these solutions will deliver a substantial return on investment.

Webcast: Threat & Performance Management: 2 Key Data Sources

by VIAVI SolutionsDec 04, 2019

Many of us show up for work on Monday and immediately find ourselves immersed in the analysis of possible threats or performance problems. Much like a scavenger hunt, sometimes the information we’re looking for is close by, even obvious *if* you know where and how to look. You need the right view of suspicious behavior, and end-user experience, in order to validate the issue, understand the scope and impact, and isolate the problem domain. Learn about how you can use two well known, but often under-utilized data sources that can help you succeed in your hunt for answers.

This session will include a live demonstration of how these data sources, combined with advanced and automated analysis techniques, can help SecOps and NetOps teams to collaborate more effectively.