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Latest Content From Panopto

Webcast: Why Videoconference Recordings May Be Your Next Big Security Risk

by PanoptoJul 01, 2020

Every day sensitive information is shared in millions of video conference sessions. For convenience and reference, more individuals are recording these sessions. While video conferencing solutions offer rich recording capabilities, almost all provide minimal playback and sharing experiences.  This drives many individuals to download and then share the recording through public sharing services like Dropbox and Youtube, neither of which meet organizational security and privacy standards. 

Webcast: Beyond Video Conferencing: Should You Record Every Meeting?

by PanoptoJan 15, 2020

The rapid growth in video conferencing creates a new set of opportunities and potential needs for the enterprise—from making meeting content searchable to satisfying potential new compliance requirements. In this webinar, we’ll explore why enterprises should consider making meeting recordings a standard part of the employee collaboration and communication experience.