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ZeroNorth is the first company to deliver risk-based vulnerability orchestration across applications and infrastructure. By orchestrating scanning tools throughout the entire software lifecycle, ZeroNorth provides a comprehensive, continuous view of risk and reduces costs associated with managing disparate technologies. ZeroNorth empowers customers to rapidly scale application and infrastructure security, while integrating seamlessly into developer environments to simplify and verify remediation. For more information, follow ZeroNorth on Twitter (@ZeroNorthSec) or LinkedIn.

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Latest Content From ZeroNorth

Research Report: What to Expect When You're Expecting a Data Breach: End of Year Report

by ZeroNorthJan 03, 2020

Planning ahead is key to successful growth, especially when it comes to application security. This end of year report outlines the hard questions you should ask--and answer--to examine where your security program is now and how it needs to evolve to help address the real risks ahead.

Research Report: Research Report: Rethinking Security for Digital Transformation

by ZeroNorthJan 03, 2020

Organizations are embracing digital transformation initiatives to help accelerate delivery of services and capabilities. They're also aware of the need to embed strong security into these efforts. Yet our recent survey of cybersecurity professionals, many of whom represent the FORTUNE 500, indicates they are still struggling to navigate this uncharted territory and effectively manage risk across applications and infrastructure.

Whitepaper: Orchestrate Risk and Vulnerability Management Across the Software Development Life Cycle

by ZeroNorthJan 03, 2020

ESG Solution Showcase: Orchestrating Risk and Vulnerability Management across the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), from Code Commit through Build to Deployment

With the continuing complexity of application and infrastructure testing, there is a need for a single orchestration platform that can simplify the process of managing scanning tools and technologies. Analyst firm ESG outlines application and infrastructure challenges facing security leaders and how they are addressing them.

Whitepaper: Make Application and Infrastructure Vulnerability Management More Effective

by ZeroNorthJan 03, 2020

While 50% of vulnerabilities are typically remediated within 90-days after discovery (and 25% within 30-days). identifying and fixing basic vulnerabilities in software and infrastructure can seem like a never-ending task of constant vigilance. Learn the five steps you can take right now to optimize your processes and begin maturing the management of your application and infrastructure vulnerability program.

E-Book: The Essential Guide to Risk-Based Vulnerability Orchestration Across the Software Development Lifecycle

by ZeroNorthJan 03, 2020

Stop treading water and simplify the management and remediation of your software vulnerabilities. This eBook discusses challenges with current approaches, the differences between automation and orchestration and the steps to get started with orchestration.