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E-Book: [Guide] 10 Cloud Strategies to Avoid Cost Overruns

by Informa TechNov 18, 2021

Nearly every company that uses public cloud services -- and at this point, that includes pretty much every company -- has experienced an unexpectedly high bill at some point. And unfortunately, the experts say that problem is likely to get worse before it gets better. The following 10 strategies highlight what other large organizations have found helpful for avoiding public cloud cost overruns. You might not be able to use them all, and every single one of them will require some effort. But they might be worth it.

E-Book: 11 Things IT Professionals Wish They Knew Earlier in Their Careers

by Informa TechNov 18, 2021

IT is an incredibly dynamic career path because business models and technology paradigms are changing constantly. Now imagine time travel is possible. You've just started your career as an IT professional. Like other newbies, you're excited and greener than you think. What advice would you give your less experienced self? What would you do differently and how might that have affected your career? We asked seasoned IT professionals those very questions and their advice is sound.

Whitepaper: IT 2020: A Look Ahead

by Informa TechJan 08, 2020

Are you ready for the critical changes that will occur in 2020? We've compiled editor insights from the best of our network (Dark Reading, Data Center Knowledge, InformationWeek, ITPro Today and Network Computing) to deliver to you a look at the trends, technologies, and threats that are emerging in the coming year.


  • IT 2020: A Look Ahead
  • 15 Technology Predictions for 2020
  • 8 Impactful Enterprise Technologies in 2020
  • The Most Important Agile Trends to Follow in 2020
  • Network Computing Looks Back at 2019 and Ahead at 2020
  • Welcome to Your Compact, Data-Driven, Generator-Free Data Center Future
  • Defensive Wish List for 2020: Faster Responses to Threats
  • Plus a whole lot more
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E-Book: IT Skills: Top 10 Programming Languages

by Informa TechNov 18, 2021

InformationWeek publishes a list of the most in-demand programming languages. The lineup of top coding languages includes a lot of familiar names, but the order of importance has changed a bit since over the last year. Many different organizations publish lists of popular programming languages, but they calculate that popularity in different ways. For example, some take surveys of developers and ask them which languages they like best. Others analyze job postings to see which skills employees are looking for, and still others count the number of web searches for different languages. The InformationWeek list draws on several lists compiled by other organizations to determine which languages are currently the most relevant to enterprise IT.