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From the Acropolis to the edge of space, defenders have sought the high ground in order to see farther and turn back attacks. Corelight delivers a commanding view of your network so you can outsmart and outlast adversaries. We capture, interpret, and connect the data that means everything to defenders

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Latest Content From Corelight

Whitepaper: Threat Hunting with Zeek Guide

by CorelightFeb 13, 2020

Threat hunting is a hypothesis-driven activity. Want to threat hunt in your network traffic, but unsure where to start? Download this threat hunting guide to learn key questions to ask and where in your network traffic you should hunt for answers.

Whitepaper: Network Traffic Analysis Instrumentation Guide

by CorelightFeb 13, 2020

Network traffic analysis (NTA) can give defenders an enduring advantage against adversaries. Want to learn how and where to deploy NTA in your network? From egress points to data centers, download this NTA deployment guide and it will show you the way.

Whitepaper: Shake the Box: How to get Encrypted Traffic Insights Without Decryption

by CorelightFeb 13, 2020

What happens when you can't decrypt? For privacy, cost, or performance reasons, decryption isn't always an optimal (or available) option. Don't give up, there are powerful threat insights that can be derived without decryption. Download this whitepaper to learn how.

Whitepaper: 5 Ways to Get Better Data for Incident Response and Threat Hunting

by CorelightFeb 13, 2020

Download this whitepaper to find out how Corelight offers the 'Goldilocks' of network data between PCAP and Netflow, and enables IR teams to move up to 20x faster and unlock powerful new threat hunting capabilities.

Whitepaper: ESG Whitepaper: Assessing Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) Requirements

by CorelightFeb 13, 2020

Evaluating NTA solutions but not sure what to prioritize? Download this free analyst report from ESG to understand what criteria to use.