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RangeForce delivers the industry's only integrated cybersecurity simulation and skills analysis platform that combines a virtual cyber range with hands-on advanced cybersecurity training. Cyber and IT professionals from all industry verticals use RangeForce to qualify their new-hires, train up DevOps, IT, and Security Staff, and run CyberSiege simulations to evaluate team skills. Only RangeForce can accurately show users where expertise gaps exist, fill those gaps with highly-effective simulation-based training, and accurately report on the entire process.

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Whitepaper: Increase Cyber Defense Effectiveness through Simulation-Based On-Demand Learning

by RangeForceApr 02, 2020

Just as an airline pilot, who does not complete annual simulator training, will likely fail when handling an emergency, a cybersecurity pro, whose skills are lacking or who is out of practice, will fail to detect and contain an actual cyberattack when it happens. The consequences, in either case, can be catastrophic. The pilot, potentially causing loss of life, and the cyber pro, costing a company millions of dollars. Airlines recognize the importance of training, yet companies that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on security hardware and software annual do not.

This needs to change, and a new generation of simulation-based eLearning technologies are enabling helping make that change possible.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • How security leaders can effectively measure and improve the cyber skills of their security team.
  • How utilizing on-demand, simulation-based training quickly, and cost-effectively upskills and cross-trains all levels of cybersecurity team members.
  • How role-based individual training, combined with blue team exercises, can be used to optimize the overall effectiveness of all members of a security team, including remote or distributed workers.

Whitepaper: Use Case Coverage for Simulation Based Training

by RangeForceApr 02, 2020

Existing cybersecurity training methods do not adequately provide continuous training to security team members. Scalable security methods lack hands-on, high retention learning, while hands-on learning methods either do not scale or are way too expensive. But a new generation of eLearning and simulation technologies are both scalable and hands-on, changing the way security managers can build and train their teams.

Download this whitepaper to learn about the critical training uses cases covered by these technologies, including how to:

  • Cross-train and upskill existing security team members.
  • Fill open cybersecurity roles by identifying highly capable IT employees, and then training them.
  • Utilize a cloud-based cyber range to run red and blue team exercises at a fraction of the cost of build your own or "fore hire" cyber ranges.
  • Objectively assess the skills of new-hire candidates through online skills testing to determine the best candidate for the role.

Whitepaper: Calculating the Cost Savings of Simulation-Based Cybersecurity Training

by RangeForceApr 02, 2020

The average cost of a traditional online training class is over $6,000, and in-person classes are even higher. The cost of building a cyber range is close to half a million dollars, while renting a hardware based cyber range starts at $50K for a single exercise. These costs are prohibitive, and because of that, cybersecurity managers struggle to assess and improve the skills of their teams on a continuous basis. That lack of training and assessment is a significant contributor to the adversaries' success rates.

In this white paper, learn how new cloud based cyber ranges and simulation training platforms are dramatically reducing the costs of building a continuous training programs including:

  • How integrated virtual cyber ranges eliminate the need for do it yourself ranges
  • How continuous online training can cut traditional training costs by as much as 60%
  • How assessing candidates can eliminate the tens of thousands of dollars spend on bad hires.

Whitepaper: A Market Guide to Simulation-Based Cybersecurity Training

by RangeForceApr 02, 2020

Learn why on-demand simulation-based cybersecurity training is essential for security teams in today's threat environment. This white paper defines the simulation-based training market, its training value, and its advantages to security leaders and security team members.

Download this whitepaper to learn about the on-demand simulation training market, including:

  • What the cybersecurity on-demand simulation-based training market is and why it is important.
  • The capabilities of these training platforms and how to select a platform that fits your needs.
  • How simulation-based training should fit into your overall cybersecurity training program.
  • The value that this type of training provides for both security managers and team members.