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CyCognito provides solutions that identify and eliminate shadow risk: risk that IT and security teams are blind to, but sophisticated attackers actively target. The CyCognito platform is a fully automated next-generation security risk assessment solution that enables leading companies to discover, understand, prioritize and eliminate their organization's shadow risk wherever it is, including cloud, partner and subsidiary environments.

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Whitepaper: Assess your Security Effectiveness

by CyCognitoMay 22, 2020

Conducting an organizational self-assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your cybersecurity program is a critical process that should be an ongoing activity for every organization.

By establishing a baseline security evaluation of your cybersecurity effectiveness, you can measure your progress over time and implement plans to better align your program to your business priorities. This helps you improve your security program and ensure that investments in people and technology are aligned with your organizational priorities. Download this brief to learn the five critical steps for an effective security self-assessment.