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Randori is building the world's most authentic, automated attack platform to help defenders train like the adversary. Based on technology used to penetrate some of the world's largest and most secure organizations, Randori enables security leaders to regain control of their attack surface, prioritize like an attacker, and practice how they fight.

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Whitepaper: Using Compliance Budgets to Build a Red Team Capability

by RandoriSep 02, 2020

Leading Advice from Enterprise Management Associates

Companies of every size face an age-old problem: too much to do with too little money. For security leaders, this has always been true: every company wants to be more secure, but there never seems to be enough resources to make it a reality. This report from EMA Analyst Christopher Steffen details how security can compliance can together to improve security through the build out of a red team capability.In the report, EMA outlines how continuous red team solutions, such as Randori, can be used by the compliance team to address their compliance-related needs, generate more comprehensive reporting, thoroughly inspect infrastructure for compliance gaps, and serve as third-party validation that the company's security AND compliance programs are running effectively.

Key Benefit of a Red Team Includes:

  • Attack Surface Discovery & Monitoring
  • Honest Assessments of Real Security and Compliance Challenges
  • Validating Security and Compliance Spending

Whitepaper: 5 Things To Look For When Evaluating Attack Surface Management Solutions

by RandoriAug 21, 2020

If you need better visibility across your modern network, you've come to the right place. As companies expand their global and cloud footprints, security teams are seeking new solutions to discover, track, and prioritize their greatest internet-facing risks.

Attack Surface Monitoring extends beyond vulnerability scoring to provide a view into dangerous misconfigurations and process failures that can allow attackers easy access onto your internal network or access valuable data.

Of the 4.1B records lost so far this year, 75% involved the misconfiguration or unintended exposure of databases or services. By 2022, Gartner estimates that 95% of cloud security failures will stem from an organization's inability to manage existing controls.

5 Key Capabilities Your Attack Surface Monitoring Solution Needs:

  1. Blackbox Discovery
    No agents, configuration, or maintenance—just continuous monitoring.
  2. Authentic Collection
  3. The solution should surveil your network just like a true adversary.
  4. Prioritized Analytics
  5. No CVSS scores—results should reveal exactly what targets are tempting.
  6. Actionable Findings
  7. Top targets should be easy to find, and clearly detail steps to remediation.
  8. Easy Integrations
  9. Make it easy to collaborate with IT for shared visibility and ownership.

E-Book: How To Recon Like An Attacker

by RandoriAug 21, 2020

To effectively hunt for threats in your enterprise, you need to not only know what compromise looks like but to be able to predict where attackers are most likely to be. This ebook will walk you through how attackers profile an organization and the thinking behind where, when, and how they decide to attack an organization. In this session, you'll gain strategies you can employ to prioritize where to hunt and some tips for how you can stay one-step ahead of your adversary.

Webcast: Building and Refining Threat Hunting Practices in Your Enterprise

by RandoriAug 19, 2020

Today’s sophisticated cyber attackers have found many ways to evade traditional perimeter defenses and launch exploits that lay for months, even years, without detection. In response, many enterprises have launched threat hunting tools and processes that proactively seek out malware and attackers lurking in the enterprise IT environment. What’s the best way to make threat hunting work in your organization? In this instructive webinar, experts join Dark Reading editors to offer advice and recommendations on threat hunting, and how to optimize its effectiveness in enterprise cyber defense.