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Vulcan Cyber

Vulcan Cyber has developed the industry's first vulnerability remediation platform, built to help cybersecurity and IT operations teams collaboratively secure digital business. The Vulcan SaaS platform closes the gap between detection and remediation to reduce vulnerability dwell time and associated business risk. Vulcan Cyber orchestrates the full remediation lifecycle from identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities to curating and delivering the best remedies, to automating processes and fixes through the last mile of remediation. It's unique ability to "get fix done" has garnered Vulcan Cyber recognition as a 2019 Gartner Cool Vendor and an RSAC Innovation Sandbox 2020 finalist. Based in Tel Aviv and San Francisco, Vulcan Cyber is privately funded by cybersecurity specialists YL Ventures and TenEleven Ventures.

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Latest Content From Vulcan Cyber

Webcast: Tips for Cleaning Up Cyber Hygiene and Security Basics

by Vulcan CyberSep 14, 2021

With cyber attacks on the rise, having proper cyber hygiene and security basics are essential. If companies could just get the basics right, most of these attacks would be stopped. But doing well at the fundamentals is easier said than done. What are these top "cyber hygiene" priorities that make the biggest difference to security, and what tools/techniques can help enterprises get these things right?

E-Book: Four Benchmarks for Vulnerability Management Maturity

by Vulcan CyberMar 08, 2021

Scanning vulnerabilities won't protect your digital infrastructure from exploit. Digital business needs end-to-end vulnerability remediation delivered by mature vulnerability management programs.

Get "The Vulnerability Remediation Maturity Model" eBook and learn:

  • The four stages of vulnerability remediation maturity.
  • If your peers' perception of vulnerability remediation maturity attainment aligns with the reality.
  • How to improve your vulnerability management program from any stage of maturity.
  • How to move from reactive, inefficient vulnerability management to proactive, agile vulnerability remediation that scales.

Whitepaper: The Top 5 Mistakes Everyone Makes in Vulnerability Remediation

by Vulcan CyberFeb 26, 2021

In vulnerability remediation, one size definitely does not fit all. Avoid making these five common mistakes and choose the right approach for your digital business.

Read this whitepaper to avoid making the same mistakes:

  • Don't prioritize vulnerabilities based on outside risk intelligence alone.
  • Automate the most mundane and repetitive remediation tasks.
  • Don't let blind spots go unchecked.

Whitepaper: Secure the Data Lake with Vulnerability Remediation Orchestration

by Vulcan CyberFeb 26, 2021

Securing a data lake seems impossible, and data-driven vulnerability remediation seems next level, but Snowflake is doing it today using Vulcan Cyber remediation orchestration.

Read this Vulcan Cyber case study and learn how Snowflake gets fix done:

  • How to secure data at enterprise a service.
  • How to let the data drive a vulnerability remediation program.
  • Why a universal vulnerability remediation translator is needed to keep security and IT teams on the same page.
  • Why Vulcan was selected to help Snowflake move from vulnerability management to vulnerability remediation.

Whitepaper: From Scan to Fix, the Best Free Vulnerability Management Tools

by Vulcan CyberFeb 26, 2021

With so many new vulnerabilities to manage and fix, and an almost equally large number of vulnerability management tools available to security and IT operations teams, important, actionable remediation intelligence often gets lost in the fray.

Read this whitepaper to learn:

  • Which free, open source tools can provide value to your vulnerability management program?
  • When open source tools can effectively replace expensive, commercial alternatives.
  • How to identify the right database for vulnerability intelligence.

Whitepaper: A Business Case for Vulnerability Remediation Orchestration

by Vulcan CyberFeb 26, 2021

From the moment the team scans for vulnerabilities, the rest of the remediation effort becomes tedious and uncertain with no guarantee fix will get done. The growing scale of digital infrastructure and the complexity of IT security programs has resulted in unacceptable inefficiencies. Companies now spend an average of nearly 500 hours a week on vulnerability management with no guarantee of remediation. This white paper provide the details, the math and examples to help you build a business case for vulnerability remediation orchestration. It is time to get fix done.

Read "A Business Case for Vulnerability Remediation Orchestration" to learn:

  • How to calculate the effectiveness and ROI of legacy vulnerability management programs.
  • Why vulnerability management isn't enough, and is leaving your business exposed.
  • How to build an internal business case for vulnerability remediation orchestration.

Whitepaper: The Missing Pieces You Need to Automate Vulnerability Remediation

by Vulcan CyberAug 13, 2020

Vulnerability remediation at scale isn't possible without cross-functional team collaboration and shared automation. Are your existing people and tools being used to their fullest extent to efficiently protect your critical business operations?

Download "Automating Your Vulnerability Remediation Process" and get these elusive, missing pieces:

  • Free resources for vulnerability risk and exploit identification.
  • Vulnerability remedies and solutions relevant to your unique infrastructure.
  • Time-saving code snippets and scripts for automating vulnerability remediation.