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Egress' vision is for a connected world in which people communicate efficiently and securely. To achieve this, we wrap a protective layer around individual users to stop human-activated data breaches before they happen. Our patented technologies are built using leading-edge contextual machine learning and powerful encryption that mitigate modern risks in ways that other solutions simply can't achieve.

Today, we provide intelligent email security to prevent accidental and intentional breaches, protect sensitive data, and equip CISOs and their teams with the detailed reporting required for compliance purposes.

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Latest Content From Egress

Whitepaper: 2020 Insider Data Breach Survey

by EgressSep 23, 2020

97% of CISOs are worried about insider data breaches. And, with unreliable employees their primary 'alert system' and patchy technology deployments to mitigate this risk, it's no wonder why.

Download this report now to learn:

• Why the insider threat is the biggest risk in every organization
• The frequency of accidental and intentional data breaches
• How seniority affects data ownership and ethics

Whitepaper: Human Layer Security for Dummies

by EgressSep 22, 2020

People put data at risk every day - often without intending to. Why does this happen? What can you do to prevent these incidents? Download your free copy of Human Layer Security for Dummies to discover:

• The psychology and behaviors behind insider data breaches
• The six profiles most likely to put your organization's data at risk
• How a new category of technology - human layer security - can help
• Why contextual machine learning can mitigate insider data breaches when legacy technologies fail

Whitepaper: Key Steps in Satisfying Your CCPA and Other Privacy Obligations

by EgressSep 23, 2020

60% of organizations aren't ready for CCPA. Is yours?

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect on January 1, 2020 with full enforcement in July, 2020. CCPA also includes a "12-month look back" requirement, which covers information collected about a consumer since January 1, 2019.

Download this guide to email compliance to learn:
• Why is the CCPA important?
• What is the current state of readiness among organizations across North America
• How to prepare for CCPA

Whitepaper: The 2020 Outbound Email Security Report

by EgressSep 22, 2020

From replying to spear phishing attacks, to BCC errors and wrong recipients, outbound email is the number one security threat your organization faces. This report shows the reality of this risk, its impact and the solution you need to be aware of. Download now to:

• Recognize the risks and understand how employees cause email data breaches
• See how often incidents occur that put your organization at risk
• Find out more about the repercussions of email security incidents
• Understand why intelligent email security is now the standard