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Adaptive Shield

Adaptive Shield addresses the challenge of SaaS misconfigurations across your entire application stack. We provide enterprises with a proactive, continuous, and complete SaaS security posture management solution that makes true native SaaS security simple.

Now you can automatically prevent misconfigurations and get total visibility to prevent cloud breaches and loss of valuable data. What's more, we support dozens of leading cloud apps including Office 365, Salesforce, Zoom, Slack and new app integrations are being added continuously.

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Latest Content From Adaptive Shield

Whitepaper: Account Takeovers - How Organizations Try to Prevent Them & Why it's Not Enough

by Adaptive ShieldOct 19, 2020

Account Takeovers are a major problem for organizations. Due to misconfigurations in SaaS applications, attackers can easily get access to legitimate credentials to make their way inside systems.

Download this article to learn:

  • Why SaaS misconfiguration-based account takeovers are so common
  • How they happen
  • Why current prevention methods are falling short
  • How organizations can automatically and proactively prevent SaaS misconfiguration-based ATOs

Research Report: Preventing Unwanted Guests in Your Mailboxes

by Adaptive ShieldOct 19, 2020

Shared mailboxes are commonly used in organizations today to enable multiple users to access the same email account. But due to their default settings, they may be enabling unwanted guests to access them as well.

Download this research report to learn:

  • About the dangers of shared mailboxes
  • How organizations can easily configure these entities to prevent infiltration
  • How to get started with a proactive, automatic approach to preventing these and all SaaS misconfigurations

E-Book: Worried About SaaS Misconfigurations? You Should Be.

by Adaptive ShieldOct 19, 2020

SaaS misconfigurations cost organizations dearly in terms of money and lost time each year. Even organizations that prioritize security often fail in this area, exposing themselves to major--and easily preventable--threats.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • How SaaS misconfigurations can put organizations at risk
  • The top 5 SaaS configuration settings organizations fail to address
  • How to easily mitigate and fix these misconfigurations
  • How to get started with an automatic approach to preventing SaaS misconfigurations