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With deep capabilities across security, data, network, voice, managed services, monitoring and management, CBTS covers your technology needs with end-to-end expertise and is dedicated to driving business outcomes.

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Whitepaper: Cisco Secure Email

by CBTSMay 04, 2021

Comprehensive threat defense against the #1 attack vector

Today's organizations face a daunting challenge. Email is simultaneously the most important business communication tool and the leading attack vector for security breaches. In fact, Cisco's Email Cybersecurity Report found that attackers still turn to email as the primary vector for spreading malware.

Cisco Secure Email (formerly Cloud Email Security) includes advanced threat defense capabilities that detect, block, and remediate threats in incoming email faster. Simultaneously, it protects an organization's brand, prevents data loss, and secures important information in transit with end-to-end encryption.

Download to learn more.

Whitepaper: Cisco Threat Response

by CBTSMay 04, 2021

This paper will describe Cisco Threat Response, a new security tool from Cisco that improves the ability of security operations teams, primarily threat hunters and incident responders, to find and respond to threats within their infrastructure. It does so by combining global and local threat intelligence and context from Cisco and third parties. We will examine the F3EAD model of threat intelligence-driven response, and show how Cisco Threat Response aids the performance of each of the phases therein.

Whitepaper: Ransomware Defense for Dummies

by CBTSMay 04, 2021

Ransomware Defense for Dummies consists of five short chapters exploring:

  • How it operates and its defining characteristics
  • Cybersecurity best practices to reduce risks
  • A new best-of-breed network security architecture
  • The Cisco Ransomware Defense solution
  • Important defense takeaways

Whitepaper: Top 5 Tips for Enterprises Choosing a Firewall

by CBTSMay 04, 2021

Reimagine the firewall as your foundation for comprehensive security. Download to learn more.

Research Report: Improve your business with a Virtual CISO

by CBTSMay 03, 2021

Is your organization in need of security strategy or direction?

Is your organization lacking a security strategy, having difficulty adopting best practices, or seeking direction on security initiatives and projects? A Virtual CISO brings needed experience and can act in an advisory role or help you with short-term or long-term projects. Qualified CISOs are difficult to find and expensive to employ. A Virtual CISO could be the answer you've been looking for.

Improve your business with a Virtual CISO!

  • Drive Strategy
  • Implement governance
  • Develop a roadmap
  • Mentor your team

Whitepaper: Managed Threat Detection and Response

by CBTSMay 03, 2021

What you don't know CAN hurt you.
Security is challenging and complex, and few organizations have the experts or infrastructure needed to properly protect their data. Hiring experienced security practitioners is an expensive endeavor and maintaining a modern security stack can be complicated and expensive.

Managed Threat Detection and Response helps organizations reduce time to detect and contain breaches, helping to protect critical assets and resources. Find out more by downloading this whitepaper today!

Whitepaper: Ransomware Security Breach Summary: Food Production

by CBTSMay 03, 2021

Within minutes of being alerted to the anomalous activity in the client's environment, the CBTS security and operation team notified the client and immediately began to assess, contain, and mitigate the damage. CBTS brought the full weight of our experience and skill sets to help restore more than 140 production servers, and databases, as well as active directory, network, and remote desktop services.

Whitepaper: Global software company contracts with CBTS for Virtual CISO

by CBTSMay 03, 2021

In this case study you will learn about a client who is a multi-national global leader in software and customer communications management solutions, and one of the oldest and largest privately-held software companies in the world. Undertaking a cloud transformation project, the client turned to CBTS to provide security oversight.

Learn more about the clients cloud transformation effort.

Whitepaper: How a Platform Approach can Solve Today’s Security Conundrum

by CBTSOct 22, 2020

How a platform approach can solve today's security conundrum.

Cisco SecureX connects the breadth of an integrated security portfolio and your entire security infrastructure for a consistent experience that unifies visibility, enables automation, and strengthens security across your network, endpoints, cloud, and applications.

Learn the pros and cons of the 3 approaches to security platforms:

  • Solution-based platforms.
  • Technology-based platforms (SIEM and SOAR).
  • Integrated, portfolio-based platforms.

Infographic: Simplify Your Security

by CBTSOct 22, 2020

A new approach that redefines security.

An integrated security portfolio and infrastructure that enables a consistent experience—unifies visibility, drives automation, and strengthens security across your network, endpoints, cloud, and applications that empower security teams, processes, and technologies.

Cisco SecureX will:

  • Unify visibility across your entire Cisco security infrastructure.
  • Automate critical security workflows.
  • Enable collaboration.
  • Reduce complexity and maximize portfolio benefits.