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CybelAngel reduces global enterprise digital risk by detecting critical data leaks outside the firewall before these leaks become major data breaches. Leveraging its Augmented Intelligence, a unique combination of proven machine learning capabilities and superior cyber analysts, CybelAngel analyzes billions of data sources, files, and threats across all layers of the internet to discover critical data leaks for their customers. Global organizations rely on CybelAngel every day to detect critical data leaks before wreaking havoc on their business.

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Latest Content From CybelAngel

Whitepaper: How to Manage Third-Party Digital Risk

by CybelAngelNov 09, 2020

The adoption of digital transformation, cloud computing, and outsourcing of physical IT infrastructure streamlined processes and lowered costs; however an unintended consequence is enterprise digital assets are now in the hands of third, fourth, and Nth parties — far outside the corporate security perimeter.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • How digital risk is shifting
  • Why third-party security incidents are on the rise
  • What organizations can do to decrease their third party risk

Research Report: Evolution of Ransomware Gangs

by CybelAngelNov 09, 2020

While ransomware has been around for nearly 30 years, the cadence of ransomware attacks is increasingly more effective and more accessible, even to hackers with only a basic technical background.

This Data Leak Alert outlines:

  • The evolution of ransomware attacks
  • Their modus operandi
  • How to prevent and deal with an attack

This alert aims to help cyber professionals better understand ransomware from a business and technical perspective, as well as how they can prevent and handle an attack.

Research Report: Are Unprotected Cloud Databases Leaking Your Data?

by CybelAngelNov 09, 2020

Migration to cloud storage and increased outsourcing to third-parties are integral for enterprise digital transformation. While these initiatives maximize flexibility and reduce cost, they can also exponentially expose your organization to critical data leaks.

This Industry Data Leak Alert touches on:

  • Data leaks discovered on unprotected databases in the cloud — specifically, on ElasticSearch
  • How enterprises can mitigate their open source database leaks before they become major data breaches

Whitepaper: Reducing Data Breach Risk From Your Remote Workforce

by CybelAngelNov 09, 2020

The potential for a negligent data leak to impact an organization has significantly increased given the unprecedented shift to a primarily remote global workforce.

This whitepaper provides tips from cybersecurity experts on how your organization can:

  • Minimize digital risks
  • Quickly identify data leaks
  • Successfully remediate without undue strain on information security teams

Whitepaper: Flying Blind in Third-party Ecosystems

by CybelAngelNov 09, 2020

Today's enterprise supply chains include hundreds of third and Nth parties extending across the globe. These complex ecosystems require digital interconnectivity, however enterprises lack direct visibility and control of their sensitive data once its outside their perimeter.

This whitepaper highlights:

  • Growing challenges in modern third-party supply chains
  • Critical data leak findings uncovered in the aviation industry
  • Key takeaways for all organizations wishing to manage their digital risk