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Kasada accurately detects and defends against bot attacks across web, mobile, and API channels. With Kasada, trust in the internet is restored by foiling even the stealthiest cyber threats, from credential abuse to data scaping. The solution invisibly stops automated threats while inflicting financial damage to attackers, destroying their ROI. With the ability to onboard in minutes, Kasada ensures immediate and long-lasting protection while empowering enterprises with optimal online activity. Kasada is based in New York and Sydney, with offices in Melbourne, San Francisco, and London. For more information, please visit and follow on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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Whitepaper: Automation as the Kill Switch to Malicious Bot Attacks

by KasadaMay 21, 2021

Cybercriminals are increasingly using automated malicious bots to exfiltrate data from companies' websites, execute denial of service (DoS) attacks, take over account information, and more.

This report by TAG Cyber explores how focusing on automation to determine good from bad bots is the key to threat mitigation.

Download this whitepaper to find out:
• How bad bots can impact your competitiveness and bottom line
• Adversarial techniques seen in the wild
• Differences between traditional bot detection solutions and the next generation of bot defense

Whitepaper: 10 Must-Have Capabilities for Stopping Malicious Automation Checklist

by KasadaFeb 16, 2021

One thing is certain: Stopping bot attacks before they can impact your business, customers, shareholders, and bottom line requires a different approach than traditional solutions, one that helps you win the battle against malicious automation.

Get your copy of this checklist to learn:
• What other bot providers aren't telling you that you need to know
• The most important capabilities to stop automated attacks
• How Kasada can help win the war on bad bots

Whitepaper: Understanding Credential Abuse Attacks: A Real-World Example

by KasadaFeb 16, 2021

Understanding the credential abuse attack surface is fundamental to preventing credential stuffing, as fraudsters continually evolve and hone their weapons.

Check out this report to see how:
• A real-world account takeover example unfolds with a credential abuse attack
• Bad actors continually retool to evade detection
• Adversarial tools are used along with sophisticated techniques to fly under the radar of enterprise defenses

Whitepaper: The Hidden Security Risks of APIs: How to Protect Your Brand, Business, and Data

by KasadaFeb 16, 2021

Adversaries are increasingly leveraging APIs to automate sophisticated cyber attacks, and by 2022, API abuse will become the most frequent attack vector.

Download this white paper to get insights into:
• Why your public, private, and partner APIs are at risk
• How automated attacks happen
• Best practices for mitigating bot attacks on your APIs

Whitepaper: Stop Malicious Bots for Good: How Better Bot Management Maximizes Your ROI

by KasadaFeb 16, 2021

Bad bot attacks can result in detrimental consequences to your business, including but not limited to crashed websites, compromised customer information, fake account creation, and inventory loss.

These all come with high costs, which are not all directly financial - it can also affect brand reputation and customer loyalty.

We'll dive into how much you can achieve with a superior bot management solution compared to a legacy and rule-dependent approach in this white paper.

Whitepaper: How Hyatt Stays Ahead of Evolving Threats Without Impacting User Experience

by KasadaFeb 16, 2021

"With Kasada, we're not putting friction or work on our guests when they're supposed to be experiencing something seamless. When you block bad traffic, you want to do it in a way that is undetected by any legitimate user. That's a success story for us." - Benjamin Weiss, Director, Product Management, Hyatt

Find out why Hyatt chose Kasada to eliminate unwanted traffic and stay ahead of evolving automated threats while maintaining an excellent guest experience.

Read the case study.