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Research Report: A Practical Guide to Enabling 5G Deployments

by VertivMay 21, 2021

According to a report from 451 Research titled, "Telco Study on 5G Reveals Industry Hopes and Fears: From Energy Costs to Edge Computing Transformation", 5G will be "the most impactful and difficult network upgrade ever faced by the telecom industry."

The report, sponsored by Vertiv, is based on an in-depth survey of more than 100 global telecom decision makers with visibility into 5G deployment plans. It not only outlines the "hopes and fears" of telecom operators on the cusp of a new era; it makes clear that the transformation has already begun. Twelve percent of survey participants have begun deploying 5G in 2019 with an additional 86 percent planning to deploy 5G services by 2021.

Research Report: Future Proofing Your Network for 5G

by VertivMay 21, 2021

451 Research called 5G "the most impactful and difficult network upgrade ever faced by the telecom industry", and with good reason. While the move from 3G to 4G was essentially linear, 5G is more of a reimagining of the cellular network. The changes are massive, but pale in comparison to the potential impact of fully realized 5G networks. According to IHS Markit, 5G is expected to generate some $12.3 trillion in annual revenue by 2035.

That 451 Research study, commissioned by Vertiv™, suggested a rush toward widespread 5G deployment shouldn't be a surprise. According to the survey, a whopping 86% of telecom operators expect to be delivering 5G services by 2021. And yet, almost two-thirds of those surveyed say they are still in the process of building out operational plans to support 5G.

Whitepaper: Must-Read Research: Why Sustainable 5G Networks are a 150-Year-Old Problem

by VertivMay 21, 2021

It was established more than a century and a half ago that energy efficiency, while very important, doesn't tell the whole story when it comes to sustainability. That holds true for today's 5G networks where, as new research shows, true sustainability will require a more holistic approach.

Whitepaper: Research from STL Partners and Vertiv Reveals Why Telcos Should Prioritize Efficiency and Sustainability in 5G Networks

by VertivMay 21, 2021

Embracing best practices, partnering with customers to amplify efficiency will be key for operators

Whitepaper: Why Energy Management is Critical to 5G Success

by VertivMay 21, 2021

Even though 5G networks are up to 90% more efficient than their 4G predecessors, they still require far more energy due to increased network density, heavy reliance on IT systems, and increased network use and accelerated traffic growth.

Telecommunications operators must address these challenges in two ways:
• Adopting energy efficiency best practices across networks
• Encouraging their customers to adopt 5G-enabled services to reduce consumption and emissions in all walks of life

These are the central findings of the new research paper from STL Partners and Vertiv: Why Energy Management is Critical to 5G Success. The paper examines the challenges facing today's telcos and outlines several best practices aimed at mitigating increasing energy consumption, emissions, and costs. Complete the form below to download the research paper.

Whitepaper: Intelligent Load Management

by VertivMay 21, 2021

Visualizing DC Load Use at Core Telecom, Cable and Data Center Facilities

Intelligent Load Management is a patented optional capability in Vertiv's NetSure™ Control Unit (NCU) that enables comprehensive real-time monitoring of your DC power network infrastructure. This advanced functionality enables you to visualize load location, power performance, and distribution inefficiencies in order to optimize the DC power supply, control cooling and avoid overload. Securing power availability is critical at core sites such as central offices and data centers. With Intelligent Load Management from Vertiv, high availability can be achieved while optimizing efficiency and saving cost.