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Dasera helps cloud-first organizations secure data that traditional tools like access control and DLP aren't designed to address. The platform manages data sprawl, monitors data in-use, and discovers misconfiguration and permission errors. Only Dasera secures the entire data lifecycle - from creation to archival - to cripple breaches once and for all. The platform finds where sensitive cloud data is stored, detects data store misconfigurations, analyzes permissions, monitors data in use, and tracks data lineage. Recognized among the Top 10 cloud security startups in 2021 by CRN, Dasera was co-founded by serial-entrepreneurs Ani Chaudhuri and Noah Johnson and is backed by Sierra Ventures.

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E-Book: The Top 10 Threats of Data Sprawl and How to Mitigate Them

by DaseraAug 09, 2021

Data sprawl is a massive problem. Traditional tools like access control and DLP are powerless in today's cloud environments, compounding data security and compliance risks. To manage these risks, enterprises need an innovative way to secure their data. Get this ebook to learn how.

Whitepaper: The 7 Deadly Sins of Access Control, and How to Avoid Them

by DaseraAug 09, 2021

Today, access control is the default approach to protecting sensitive data. It promises to improve security, but in reality, breaches still occur. And that's because access controls aren't designed to address modern security challenges. Learn how to tackle data security in a more effective way.

Whitepaper: How Securing the Data Lifecycle Can Transform Your Data Protection Program

by DaseraAug 09, 2021

Companies spend millions of dollars out of pocket on data security solutions, yet breaches still happen everyday. And that's because traditional solutions aren't built for today's cloud workloads. Data has a life of its own -- the data lifecycle. When it is used, it flows through multiple touchpoints, all of which introduce new security and compliance vulnerabilities at each stage. Learn how to dramatically improve your data security and compliance posture by securing your data lifecycle.

Whitepaper: The Top 5 Fails of DLP

by DaseraAug 09, 2021

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a cornerstone of today's security infrastructure. Yet, data breaches still occur on a daily basis. Many companies with DLP solutions have come to the same conclusion when it comes to protecting their sensitive data: it just doesn't work. Learn why DLP is no longer sufficient in today's security landscape and how you can go beyond DLP to protect data in cloud-first environments.

Whitepaper: The Dirty Dozen: The Truth About Privacy Preserving Techniques and Technologies

by DaseraAug 09, 2021

Any organization that collects sensitive information is subject to privacy regulations. Yet, most companies struggle to determine which techniques and technologies can best protect and preserve the privacy of their data. We've done the research for you. Discover the shortcomings -- or dirty little secrets -- of each technology and learn how you can truly protect the privacy of your sensitive data.