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Latest Content From RiskRecon

Webcast: Understanding Your IT Risk Management Ecosystem

by RiskReconSep 09, 2021

To protect your business from calamity – especially when undergoing digital transformation – a risk management ecosystem is essential. How well do you understand your company’s IT risk management ecosystem? For that matter, do you even have a risk management ecosystem? A risk management ecosystem is comprised of not only your own company’s IT assets, but those of your supply chain partners, cloud service providers, and other third-party technology providers. It also includes your own workforce and its approach to addressing IT risk. To reduce or eliminate vulnerabilities and threats that can impact the integrity and availability of your company’s data, it’s imperative to understand the risk policies, mitigation processes and security technologies being used.

Join us for this informative webinar as we explore what it takes to create and maintain a proper IT risk management ecosystem. The health of your company depends on your knowledge and management of this important topic.

Webcast: "The New Normal" of Supply Chain Security

by RiskReconSep 08, 2021

COVID-19 did more than just transform communications between employees and internal enterprise systems. For many enterprises, it also transformed interactions with customers and suppliers, adding new risks and cybersecurity challenges. In this webinar, experts discuss potential vulnerabilities in the new supply chain, and potential threats from online attackers. They also discuss the impact of these changes on compliance with industry and regulatory rules that govern the supply chain. You’ll learn how to protect your data from suppliers or customers whose systems or end users might be at risk. And you’ll get advice on how to protect your sensitive data from third-party vulnerabilities.