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Contrast Security

Contrast Security is the leader in modernized application security, embedding code analysis and attack prevention directly into software. Contrast's patented deep security instrumentation completely disrupts traditional application security approaches with integrated, comprehensive security observability that delivers highly accurate assessment and continuous protection of an entire application portfolio. This eliminates the need for disruptive scanning, expensive infrastructure workloads, and specialized security experts. The Contrast Application Security Platform accelerates development cycles, improves efficiencies and cost, and enables rapid scale while protecting applications from known and unknown threats.

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Latest Content From Contrast Security

Whitepaper: Pipeline-Native Scanning for Modern Application Development

by Contrast SecuritySep 07, 2021

Many choose application security testing tools based on the quantity of results versus the quality (accuracy) of results. But as organizations embrace DevOps/Agile and application complexity grows, legacy tools that are focused on quantity become development blockers and fail to minimize risk. Research shows that only 26% of security results are true positives, and the remainder are simply noise—which wastes valuable time and resources.

Download this white paper—written by one of the pioneers in modern application security—to learn how Contrast Scan presents a revolutionary approach to application security by using demand-driven static analysis. It automatically triages vulnerabilities according to next-step actions within the modern development environment.

E-Book: Pipeline-Native Static Analysis: Why It Is The Future of SAST

by Contrast SecuritySep 07, 2021

55% of developers admit to skipping security scans to meet release deadlines.

Legacy tools for static application security testing (SAST) were not designed for the nature of modern applications nor the speed of today's continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. Traditional scanning approaches are slow, inaccurate, and require analysis by security teams before remediation can begin. As such, they put many organizations in a position of choosing either development speed or security.

Instead, organizations need modern scan-based testing—a pipeline-native approach that integrates with DevOps/Agile workflows, tooling, and systems. Read this eBook to discover what a pipeline-native static analysis approach looks like and how it empowers developers and security teams speed release cycles while improving efficiencies.

Whitepaper: Perimeter Security Noise Leaves Applications Vulnerable to Attacks

by Contrast SecurityAug 09, 2021

Traditional security perimeter-defense solutions lack observability and context to differentiate which attacks can impact can application —"guessing" as to the validity of a threat. This results in SecOps inefficiencies and higher application risks.

Read this white paper to learn how you can get AppSec protection that can compensate with the necessary visibility, accuracy, scalability, and ease of deployment to keep pace with modern application vulnerabilities without generating false positives and false negatives.

E-Book: DevSecOps Buyer's Guide: Application Security

by Contrast SecurityAug 09, 2021

Traditional approaches to application security testing have not kept pace with the scale and complexity of today's enterprise software factory. Security debt compounds and risk increases. In response, many enterprises are reevaluating their DevSecOps investments.

Read this DevSecOps Buyer's Guide and get the comprehensive checklist you need to assess, vet, and purchase a DevSecOps platform that delivers accurate, continuous, and integrated security monitoring and remediation.

Research Report: 2021 State of Open-Source Security Report

by Contrast SecurityAug 09, 2021

Open-source libraries help software developers meet aggressive deadlines. As a result, these libraries and their classes continue to proliferate and grow in complexity—increasing the risk they pose while making it more difficult to secure modern applications.

Read this report to find out key trends about library usage, vulnerabilities, and best practices from real-world software supply chains.

Research Report: 2021 Application Security Observability Report

by Contrast SecurityAug 09, 2021

Your source for all things related to application security over the past year. Industry benchmarks every organization needs to understand and manage their application risks.

Download this 60-plus page report to learn:

  • How much application code is custom versus open-source code
  • What percentage of open-source code in applications even poses a risk
  • What vulnerability types jumped up and which ones declined
  • The median time to remediate for Contrast customers vs. legacy application security users
  • By how much the vulnerability escape rate for Contrast customers falls over 4, 6, 9, and 12 months
  • And much, much more ...