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CyberRes is a Micro Focus line of business. We bring the expertise of one of the world's largest security portfolios to help our customers navigate the changing threat landscape by building both cyber and business resiliency within their teams and organizations. We are here to help enterprises accelerate trust, reliability, and survivability through times of adversity, crisis, and business volatility.

We are a part of a larger set of digital transformation solutions that fight adverse conditions so businesses can continue to run today, keep the lights on, and transform to grow and take advantage of tomorrow's opportunities.

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Latest Content From CyberRes

Whitepaper: Digital Transformation and Data Security

by CyberResAug 13, 2021

The global pandemic in 2020 forced a shift in digital transformation, which went from theory to practice practically overnight. Customers expect their data to be safeguarded, while still insisting upon responsive, highly-intuitive technology designed to solve their paint points. This white paper looks at:

  • How companies are digitally innovating today
  • How reducing cyber-risks to business-critical data is key
  • How a three-pronged approach to data protection empowers customers to digitally transform securely

Research Report: Cyber-Resilience Is a Must Have in the Next Normal

by CyberResAug 13, 2021

Crisis and resiliency plans around the globe were put to the test in 2020 as the global pandemic shifted workers from trusted network environments to WFH situations. Many businesses focused on survival, but a little more than half started preparing for what IDC calls the "Next Normal." Download this IDC research report which covers:

  • Defining the Next Normal
  • CISOs and shifting the security paradigm
  • The importance of adopting a cyber-resiliency program to thrive in this changing landscape

Research Report: Adaptive Multi-Layered Defense Is the Key to Cyber-Resiliency

by CyberResAug 13, 2021

Doing business during a global pandemic means organizations have had to pivot in order to continue to grow. Agile organizations see operational, strategic and financial adversities as an opportunity to adapt and bring new experiences to customers, while leaving their competitors behind. Download this IDC research report which covers:

  • Top enterprise cybersecurity concerns
  • The challenge of building an effective data protection strategy
  • Shifting to become a digitally-driven organization

Whitepaper: 360º Analytics for a Resilient SOC

by CyberResAug 13, 2021

Cyber attackers are getting smarter and SOCs need to adapt accordingly. It's no longer enough to simply detect and block the initial intrusion. The growing volume of data means attackers can hide in the noise. AI and machine learning can help detect anomalies, but it can't decipher whether the activity is good or bad. A more comprehensive approach is needed to provide situational context.

Download this white paper which discusses:

  • How layered analytics allows for earlier, more consistent attack detection
  • How to uncover normal versus abnormal activities
  • How to elevate your organization's cyber resilience