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Since 1999, Digital Defense has created patented, leading-edge SaaS information security technology that helps organizations small and large safeguard sensitive data and make information security easier. As a pioneer in the development of SaaS technology, these organizations trust Digital Defense to deliver unparalleled solutions to bolster their security posture and ease the burden of vulnerability and threat management. Frontline.Cloud™ solutions offer ease of use and consistent, accurate results accompanied by the highest level of support and service.

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Whitepaper: The Power Of The Password

by HelpSystemsSep 24, 2021

How many passwords does your organization require? At any given time, an employee may be juggling dozens of login credentials. While it may be tempting to use a password that's easy to commit to memory, weak passwords can leave an organization dangerously vulnerable. This guide provides insight into how a single password can lead to a large scale data-breach, providing best practices and recommendations for building and maintaining cyber hygiene habits.

Whitepaper: 2021 Ransomware Guide

by HelpSystemsSep 24, 2021

Though ransomware is not a new type of malware, it is becoming ever more pervasive and ransom demands are only getting higher. What is the key to ransomware's success? In this guide, we'll discuss how ransomware has remained a persistent threat, common attack methods, and what prevention and detection methods to use to avoid becoming the next successful target.

Whitepaper: Social Media Dangers — What Every Social Butterfly Should Know:

by HelpSystemsSep 24, 2021

Social media has become ubiquitous, even in the business world. Though it enables faster, more personalized communication, social media is a double-edged sword, as it also introduces countless new attack vectors. In this guide, we explore ways threat actors are exploiting social networks, provide real world scenarios, and best practices for reducing your risk against threats like phishing, clickjacking, elicitation, profile hacking, and more.

Whitepaper: A Simple Guide to Successful Penetration Testing:

by HelpSystemsSep 24, 2021

In today's world, cyber-attacks are commonplace, and countless organizations have had to deal with the fallout of a breach. Luckily, there are many cybersecurity solutions that can help decrease risk, but how do you know if your organization's security controls will be up to the task? This is where penetration testing comes in. In this guide, you'll learn what pen testing is, how it began, who performs these assessments, why every organization benefits from them, and where to begin when incorporating penetration testing into your own security.