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Key Resources

Key Resources is the expert in mainframe security and integrity, helping businesses in finance, insurance, healthcare and beyond keep their most important systems secure.

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Latest Content From Key Resources

Whitepaper: Lock Down the Core of your Hybrid IT Environment with Zero Trust Architecture

by Key ResourcesOct 27, 2021

Many are integrating cloud platforms into their IT environment for its promise of flexibility and cost savings. But all too often organizations forget about the critical role the mainframe plays within your hybrid IT environment. As you're making the move to digital, what are you doing to ensure your cloud-mainframe connection is secure?

Read this short paper to learn about:

  • The urgency of launching a vulnerability awareness program
  • Why you need to hire a mainframe security architect
  • The importance of proactive threat hunting and patch management

Whitepaper: Protecting Your Mainframe Against Relentless Ransomware

by Key ResourcesOct 27, 2021

Ransomware costs have surged by almost 60 times over the past 6 years. Organizations need to safeguard their most valuable IT asset immediately-- the mainframe--before it's too late.

Learn the concrete steps you can take, like:

  • Making proactive vulnerability scanning a part of your processes
  • Ensuring a process for integrity and dealing with vulnerabilities
  • Putting together a reporting plan to comply with new federal regulations

Whitepaper: Integrating Mainframe Scanning with a Global Bank’s Penetration Testers

by Key ResourcesOct 27, 2021

The relationship between the mainframe security, operations, and penetration testing teams at many global enterprises can be a tricky one. Too often, penetration testing teams don't have any mainframe experience but are tasked with mainframe vulnerability management.

Key Resources, Inc. has experience supporting enterprises through these challenges, like at one global bank.

Download this case study to learn how Key Resources:

  • Built an in-house vulnerability scanning team of advocates at a global bank
  • Provided mainframe education to penetration testers to fill knowledge gaps
  • Made automated mainframe vulnerability checks a fully integrated part of the pentesting team's capabilities

Infographic: The Mainframe is the Backbone of Our Digital World — and a Hacker's Jackpot

by Key ResourcesOct 27, 2021

The mainframe powers our everyday lives, hosting the critical core IT behind our credit card transactions, health records, government data, and more. But despite its reputation for high security, the mainframe is not impenetrable. This infographic shares:

  • The top mainframe threats from this year
  • The average cost of a data breach
  • Tips for protecting your organization