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Wickr's mission is to secure the world's most critical communications. Wickr provides the highest standard of encryption trusted by millions worldwide. In the workplace and out in the field, Wickr enables end users to communicate securely and protect their privacy while providing IT organizations the administrative controls needed to deploy at scale and provides flexible options and controls for information governance and compliance for regulated industries.

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Whitepaper: Achieving Robust Threat Intelligence

by WickrNov 22, 2021

Threat intelligence is information you collect and analyze that helps you identify potential threats and targets, as well as the intention behind those threats. Good threat intelligence alerts you to potential dangers and enables you to prepare for them. It changes cybersecurity from being reactive (responding to attacks when they take place) to proactively preparing for possible attacks. 85% of industry professionals say threat intelligence is essential to a strong security posture.

Download this white paper to learn how to:

  • Prepare for new types of cyber attacks
  • Better understand who might attack your organization
  • Get inside the heads of cyber attackers and understand their motives, goals, and techniques
  • Make better decisions before and during any cyber attack

Whitepaper: A Guide to Taking a More Proactive Approach with Data Security

by WickrNov 22, 2021

A recent report from Forrester Consulting, commissioned by IBM, makes the case that data privacy is the new strategic priority for many businesses. Data privacy is undoubtedly a priority for consumers who are tired of having their personal data used by big companies. These consumers are worried about their privacy and want to take more control over their data. In fact, 70% of Americans feel that their personal information is less secure than it was five years ago, which worries them.

Should data privacy be a strategic priority for your business? The short answer: absolutely. Read the white paper to find out why.

Whitepaper: Data Encryption Best Practices for the Enterprise

by WickrNov 22, 2021

Encryption is the best security for sensitive enterprise communications, especially communications taking place off-premises. Remote workers, especially those using their own personal mobile devices, represent a particularly significant security threat; Check Point Software Technologies found that 100% of companies with a large number of employees using mobile devices had experienced a mobile-based cyberattack.

How can encryption help to protect your enterprise's critical communications from being hijacked?

Download the white paper to find out.

Whitepaper: An Enterprise's Guide to Data Security and Secure Communications

by WickrNov 17, 2021

The problem with cybersecurity is that some companies think that they don't need it — until it's too late. You may ignore the threat of hackers, but they won't ignore you for long. It's imperative that you keep your company protected and secure so that your business can thrive.

Download this guide to learn:
• The business benefits of data security
• Best practices for protecting your data
• A deeper look into managed secure messaging

Whitepaper: Why CISOs Trust Wickr as Their Go-To Encrypted Messaging App

by WickrNov 17, 2021

As a CISO, your responsibilities include ensuring the security of your company's communications. This requires a plan that walks the tightrope between keeping communications secure from outside intrusion while still facilitating communication and collaboration between all levels of users. Not all messaging solutions do this which is why CISOs trust Wickr's zero-trust platform.

Download the white paper to find out why.

Whitepaper: An Essential Guide to End-to-End Encryption

by WickrNov 17, 2021

Data encryption is necessary to help protect your enterprise's valuable data. It's also important when you need to keep your company's communications secure. For this reason, you need to consider updating your company's communications solutions to ensure the strongest possible security — which typically includes encrypted messaging. Many apps boast of their encryption technology, but is all E2E security the same? Download the guide to learn more.