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Cribl is a company built to solve data challenges and enable customer choice. Our solutions deliver innovative and customizable controls to route security and machine data where it has the most value. We call this an observability pipeline, and it helps slash costs, improve performance, and get the right data, to the right destinations, in the right formats, at the right time. Join the dozens of adopters, including market leaders such as TransUnion and Autodesk, to take control and shape your data. Founded in 2017, Cribl is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. For more information, visit, find us LinkedIn, Twitter, or join our Slack community.

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Whitepaper: What is Observability?

by CriblJan 10, 2022

Over the last two years, the increasing complexity of modern distributed systems and application architectures has highlighted the limits of legacy monitoring approaches. Legacy monitoring remains fixated on collecting and reporting errors, restricting its effectiveness in today's dynamic and ephemeral environments. Observability takes a new approach, allowing teams to interrogate system behavior without the limits imposed by legacy methods and products.

Download this whitepaper to get the details on:

  • Why both monitoring and observability are needed for full insight into your environment
  • An inclusive approach with observability tools to deliver a better value for discovery
  • How an observability pipeline centralizes all of your observability data processing
  • How observability gives you the opportunity to discover and understand your dynamic environments in near real time

Research Report: Gartner's Cool Vendors in Monitoring and Observability Report

by CriblJan 10, 2022

Observability continues to increase in importance as a key mechanism to understand modern architectures and applications. Legacy monitoring solutions may not innovate with sufficient speed, so I&O leaders should look to these cool vendors to close their visibility gaps.

Download Gartner's New Report: Cool Vendors in Monitoring and Observability — Modernize Legacy, Prepare for Tomorrow.

Whitepaper: Shutterfly Leverages Cribl LogStream to Streamline Their Data Experience

by CriblJan 10, 2022

The Shutterfly data operations team supports the production of a myriad of printed and digital goods across multiple product groups. This requires that they capture and process an extremely high volume of data from diverse sources, then route that data to a similarly diverse set of destinations. The team uses Cribl LogStream to address the complexity and intensity of this work, allowing them to deliver a flexible and resilient service to their internal and external customers.

In this case study, learn how Shutterfly:

  • Used Cribl LogStream to make it possible for the Shutterfly data team to say "yes" to their internal customers.
  • Is able to keep ahead of growing complexity and rapid change by using Cribl's Logstream solution
  • Can see and control everything they need to in one place with a clear and featureful UI

Whitepaper: Improving Splunk Performance and Lowering CPU Usage with Cribl Logstream

by CriblJan 10, 2022

This white paper will cover why you should adopt a new method for Splunk searches and how you can use Cribl's LogStream to improve Splunk performance and lower CPU usage. We'll focus on Splunk as the destination, but regardless of destination, transforming the data first helps reduce infrastructure costs and storage costs, enabling you to do more with your software license.

By improving Splunk performance for search and lowering CPU usage you can:

  • Ingest even more data, without stretching your license or budget
  • Reduce Splunk infrastructure size, including indexers and search heads
  • Control Splunk costs as they switch to workload-based pricing
  • Lessen hardware requirements, particularly for Splunk Cloud customers