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Noname Security

Noname Security is the only company taking a complete, proactive approach to API Security. Noname works with 20% of the Fortune 500 and covers the entire API security scope across three pillars — Posture Management, Runtime Security, and Secure API SDLC. Noname Security is privately held, remote first with headquarters in Palo Alto, California, and an office in Tel Aviv and Amsterdam.

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Latest Content From Noname Security

E-Book: The D.A.R.T. Strategy for API Security

by Noname SecurityJan 27, 2022

Today, businesses rely on APIs more than ever before. Gartner estimates that API calls represent 83% of all web traffic. Given the increased reliance on APIs, their importance to digital businesses, and the rising level of sophistication of hackers looking to compromise those APIs, organizations need a proven strategy for API security.

We call this strategy D.A.R.T.:

  • Discover: detect all APIs across the network, including rogue and shadow APIs
  • Analyze: understand API behaviors and configurations
  • Remediate: take measures to prevent security breaches and data loss
  • Test: ensure those steps are successful in preventing common API attacks
Read this eBook to learn more.

Whitepaper: Hacking Banks and Cryptocurrency Exchanges Through Their APIs

by Noname SecurityJan 27, 2022

Research by Alissa Knight, former hacker, current CISO and researcher

APIs are the plumbing of today's financial services and FinTech infrastructure, enabling FinTechs to embed banking into their apps and banks to offer a more unified experience to their customers demanding more from their bank.

However, these APIs are vulnerable to API hacking and attacks, creating an attack surface that is pervasive across our national financial system.

This API security white paper explores those API vulnerabilities and the discovery process. Download this whitepaper to learn more.

Whitepaper: API Security 101 Whitepaper

by Noname SecurityJan 27, 2022

APIs are everywhere in the modern IT world, and the volume of API traffic is only expected to grow. However, despite the power and popularity of APIs, many organizations struggle with API security. When it comes to securing APIs, traditional application security controls are not a complete solution.

In this API security white paper, we will cover:

  • APIs as a widely adopted integration tool
  • Two elements needed to deliver APIs
  • API security challenges (even those different than traditional app security)
  • Three recommended strategies to address application security from code to production

Download the whitepaper to learn more.