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Formstack's workplace productivity platform helps over 25,000 organizations digitize what matters, automate workflows, and fix processes — all without code.

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E-Book: How Salesforce Manages Global Building Operations Across Teams

by FormstackJan 18, 2022

Salesforce's Real Estate Technology team runs a high-volume operation that requires data collection from employees and visitors across 150 locations. They needed a tool that would:
• Streamline the operation
• Create a user-friendly process for accepting and reviewing hundreds of building requests

Read why Salesforce selected Forms for Salesforce to help employees manage operations across their global locations in this case study.

E-Book: Adapting to a Digital-Must World: Your Digital Transformation Checklist

by FormstackJan 18, 2022

Need help conquering your digital transformation goals? We know getting started can be hard, and the process can feel overwhelming. Use our digital transformation checklist as a guide to help you prepare for, plan, and implement your digitization goals.

Research Report: The Rise of the No-Code Economy

by FormstackJan 18, 2022

So what is no-code? How can it transform your world of work? Inside this report, discover how no-code is ushering in a brand new economy by creating companies, communities, education systems, and jobs built entirely on or around no-code software and the non-technical business user.

This report includes:
• The definition and history of no-code
• Details on the adoption of no-code tools across industries
• Data from our 2021 No-Code Economy Survey
• Expert insights on how no-code can enable you to achieve more

No-code tools are not a fad or trend; they're here to stay. Discover why they are quickly becoming a requirement in this digital-first world and how you can take advantage of the emerging no-code economy.

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  • Research Report

Whitepaper: Eight Best Practices to Keep Your Cloud Forms Secure

by FormstackJan 18, 2022

It's easy to secure sensitive information within encrypted, firewalled databases. But sensitive information doesn't just materialize in those safe-havens. It must be collected, transmitted, correlated, and ultimately consolidated through your routine workflow processes. At every step of the way, your data is vulnerable. Unless you take extra care to protect data throughout your workflow, you could be pipelining priceless information assets directly to malefactors. Here are the top eight things you can do to lock down your entire information stream, helping you stay out of the data breach news bulletins.