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Dashlane is a web and mobile app that simplifies password management for people and businesses. We empower organizations to protect company and employee data, while helping everyone easily log in to the accounts they need — anytime, anywhere. A better digital future starts with secure access.

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Latest Content From Dashlane

Whitepaper: Build a Case for a Password Manager

by DashlaneFeb 28, 2022

An influx of remote employees. Phishing campaigns. Breaches due to compromised passwords. As an IT pro, you know that a password manager is a simple, low-cost, high-impact security solution for your business. But maybe your boss is not convinced.

Download this resource and make the case for a password manager.

In this mini-guide, you'll learn tips like how to:

  • Reveal important company security risks
  • Respond to common objections
  • Present proof points for best impact
  • Highlight key, business benefits
  • Prepare a rollout plan

Protect your company in no time with a hassle-free solution that has zero disruption on productivity.

E-Book: Business Buyers Guide to Password Managers

by DashlaneFeb 28, 2022

Hackers attack every 30 seconds. And unfortunately, cybersecurity threats are only rising. That's why it's more important than ever to secure your company's weakest link: employee passwords. But out of all the vendors claiming to be the best password manager on the market, how do you know which is actually the right one for your business?

In this comprehensive guide, discover:

  • Why purpose-built password managers have become essential
  • What factors to consider when choosing a business password manager based on your needs
  • How current solutions on the market stack up.

Download this e-book to save yourself months of frustrating research and get to the bottom of which password manager is the best.

E-Book: Identity Access Management 101

by DashlaneFeb 28, 2022

As the frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks rise, small- and medium-size businesses need stronger and more secure ways to fend off threat actors and protect sensitive assets.

In "Identity and Access Management 101," we explain how you can flexibly and securely manage user identities by automating authentication and authorization.

Read this white paper to learn how to:

  • Identify current threats, avoid future breaches, and improve regulatory compliance
  • Integrate a robust password manager with IT security systems and enable stronger security
  • Help employees generate strong, secure passwords, as well as eliminate weak and reused credentials
  • Find out how to limit intrusions by implementing an identity and access management solution today.