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Insights Platform can generate detailed, predictive analysis so you can feel more confident in the decisions you make. PwC's data workbench enables businesses to effectively leverage data to guide business strategies, improve customer engagement and accelerate growth.

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Research Report: Insights Platform: The foundation for building scalable applications to fuel customer satisfaction and growth

by pwcFeb 08, 2022

To achieve competitive advantage in today's digital economy, companies need to gather data across disparate sources in their networks and generate actionable insights that drive scalability and growth.

In a recent IDC Perspective, their analyst explores the evolution of PwC's Insights Platform, which makes it possible for businesses to build customized solutions that help them leverage data in exciting ways to inform strategy, customer engagement and accelerate growth.

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Infographic: Fueling up competitive intelligence: PwC helps a gas station chain tap into data

by pwcFeb 08, 2022

With more than 100,000 options along the road in the US, competition is steep for gas stations. To drive profitability and revenues, gas stations are constantly looking for analytic-driven approaches to pricing fuel at the pump and turbocharging market share.

A large regional gas station and convenience store chain was still in the slow lane, manually monitoring thousands of competitors. That meant a costly, time-consuming process that led to more questions than answers. Download the infographic to see how PwC — and our Insights Platform — helped them better understand the landscape and use robust data to make decisions and price changes.

Whitepaper: Deploy Cloud-Based Data Analytics To Help Gain More Customers

by pwcFeb 08, 2022

Across every business sector, the highest cost for any company is the price of customer acquisition. Increasingly, organizations are employing data analytics to identify the best approaches for attracting new customers. And, they're relying on targeted information to not only retain loyal customers, but also to help upsell and cross-sell new products and services.