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IntSights, a Rapid7 Company

IntSights delivers best-in-class, cloud-native external threat detection to further extend Rapid7's industry-leading security operations platform, providing customers with end-to-end external and internal threat detection, automation and remediation.

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Latest Content From IntSights, a Rapid7 Company

Research Report: The Cyber Threat Impact of COVID-19 to Global Business

by IntSights, a Rapid7 CompanyFeb 22, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to operate remotely, expanding their attack surfaces and opening new doors for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities.

IntSights has observed a significant uptick in both cybercriminal and state-sponsored APT activity related to the coronavirus, as groups around the world seek financial and strategic advantages amidst the crisis.

To help security teams protect their corporate networks and mitigate cyber risk, we have put together a report of emerging cyber threats impacting global business. Inside this report, you'll find:

  • Dark web research exposing the most prevalent COVID-19 threats
  • Evidence identifying the most active cybercriminals and APT groups
  • A breakdown of the most common targets for these attacks
  • Recommendations for proactive cyber defense

Whitepaper: Defending Corporate Executives and VIPs from Cyberattacks

by IntSights, a Rapid7 CompanyFeb 22, 2022

Executives and other VIPs are often targeted by cybercriminals because they harbor sensitive information, have access to high-value assets, can be impersonated to extract information from employees or customers, and tend to own significant personal financial assets.

Protecting executives' credentials, personally identifiable information (PII), financial assets, and data is an imperative component of any effective cybersecurity strategy. But as security teams continue to struggle with data breaches and weaponized leaked credentials, how can they thwart attempts to attack these important — and vulnerable — organizational leaders?

Download our ebook for a breakdown of:

  • The methods cybercriminals use to attack executives and VIPs
  • How to identify and validate threats targeting corporate leaders
  • Solutions and tactics for proactively defending against these threats

Whitepaper: The Evolving Ransomware Threat: What Business Leaders Should Know About Data Leakage

by IntSights, a Rapid7 CompanyFeb 22, 2022

Does the word "ransomware" make you cringe or feel uneasy? It's no wonder. Ransomware continues to evolve at warp speed and is always a potential threat, regardless of your company's size, location, or industry.

Today's ransomware threat is more advanced than attackers simply asking for a payment. Some threat actors care more about stealing your company's data. At any given moment, threat actors are extracting companies' data, posting it online, and selling it to the highest bidder.

Ransomware isn't going away, and data leakage is becoming one of the biggest threats that a business can face.

Read "The Evolving Ransomware Threat: What Business Leaders Should Know About Data Leakage" to learn more about:

  • The history, variations, and use cases of ransomware
  • New data leakage threats that are impacting organizations worldwide
  • Insights into the future of threats and practical steps to counter them

Whitepaper: Gone Phishing: How to Defend Against Persistent Phishing Attempts Targeting Your Organization

by IntSights, a Rapid7 CompanyFeb 22, 2022

Phishing is one of the most well-known cyberattack methods, but hackers still have considerable success despite security teams' best efforts.

Attackers use phishing attacks to gain access to login credentials, financial information like credit card details or bank accounts, company data, and any other digital assets that could be of monetary value. New, more sophisticated attacks emerge every year, increasing the burden and degree of difficulty required to successfully defend against them.

Download our ebook to learn about:

  • Common attack vectors like link spoofing, domain spoofing, and malicious redirects
  • How security teams can identify and validate advanced phishing attacks proactively
  • Leveraging external threat intelligence for visibility into emerging threats and takedown capabilities

Whitepaper: Selling Breaches: The Transfer of Enterprise Network Access on Criminal Forums

by IntSights, a Rapid7 CompanyFeb 22, 2022

Network compromise drives big business on the dark web. Cybercriminals are actively buying and selling unauthorized network access in a variety of underground forums.

This specific variety of criminal market offerings is less well known than others, but the extended cybercrime activity it enables is impacting organizations in all industries and geographies. Now is the time to understand and monitor this network security threat.

Read Selling Breaches: The Transfer of Enterprise Network Access on Criminal Forums to learn how cybercriminals are buying and selling network access for financial gain, and what you can do to avoid being victimized.

Research Report: 2021 Banking and Financial Services Industry Cyber Threat Landscape Report

by IntSights, a Rapid7 CompanyFeb 17, 2022

The banking and financial services sector is the single most important target for cybercriminals. Banks and financial institutions safeguard incredibly sensitive data of users and employees alike, and data breaches can be costly both in terms of leaked data and financial penalties incurred. Cybercriminals constantly develop new ways to infiltrate even the most extensive security systems.

Download this report to learn about:

  • Compromised credit cards, attacks on bank networks, banking Trojans, and other common ways threat actors target the industry
  • The evolution of Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) used to attack banks and financial services institutions
  • Attacks on organizations in other industries indirectly compromising businesses in the financial industry

Research Report: Building Immunity: The 2021 Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry Cyber Threat Landscape Report

by IntSights, a Rapid7 CompanyFeb 17, 2022

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is a target for both criminal and state-sponsored threats.

More large healthcare data breaches were reported in 2020 than in any other year. Additionally, 2021 has seen five consecutive months where industry data breaches have been reported at a rate of two or more per day.

Read more about these threats in The 2021 Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry Cyber Threat Landscape Report. The report draws heavily upon IntSights' original coverage of underground criminal forums, and contains supplemented coverage from other sources, such as media and vendor reporting on state-sponsored attacks.

We're passing along this threat landscape knowledge so that your organization can take specific steps to improve its defenses against the most relevant vulnerabilities.

Research Report: Protecting Critical Infrastructure: The 2021 Energy, Utilities, and Industrials Cyber Threat Landscape Report

by IntSights, a Rapid7 CompanyFeb 17, 2022

The energy, utilities, and industrials vertical has long been a significant target for criminals and state-sponsored threat actors.

The May 2021 ransomware attack on the US Colonial pipeline operation became one of the most high-profile examples of these long-standing threats, due to the gasoline supply shortages it caused.

Threat intelligence coverage of underground criminal forums has yielded several examples of criminals selling access to the compromised networks of energy, utility, and other industrial organizations.

This 2021 Energy, Utilities, and Industrials Cyber Threat Landscape Report discusses the current cyber threat landscape of the energy, utilities, and industrials vertical, detailing key areas of consideration for its security and business leaders.

    Download the full report to learn more about the following topics:
  • How threat actors exploit the industry's vulnerabilities
  • Why the Colonial Pipeline attack wasn't the first, the last, or the worst in this sector
  • What kind of data is going up for sale on underground auction sites
  • Why the sector is a popular target for state-sponsored groups
  • What can be done to combat these threats

Research Report: 2022 Insurance Industry Cyber Threat Landscape Report

by IntSights, a Rapid7 CompanyFeb 17, 2022

The insurance industry is heavily targeted for many types of cyberattacks.

Threats to the industry include the compromise and sale of policyholder data, COVID-19 related exploits, state-sponsored attacks, and, of course, ransomware.

The 2022 Insurance Industry Cyber Threat Landscape Report uses threat intelligence data from IntSights, a Rapid7 company, to provide an overview of these and other threats facing insurance companies at a global level.

Download the report now to read more and see a series of recommendations on how insurers can effectively protect their organizations and policyholders.